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Monday, October 1, 2007

10/1 Evening Update

Hi Everybody,

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With so much progress to report, I'm not sure where to start.

Courtney's cardiac catheter went perfectly today, the blood flow showed no signs of blockage which reinforces the doctors' reports that her heart in excellent condition.

Court's enjoying a new, bigger room with an even better view. Visitors take note she is still on McClure 4th floor, but now in room 18, in the corner a few doors down her previous home in room 21 (don't assume she has escaped to take her road bike for a spin like I had thought).

After some discrepancies in scheduling, the doctors will plan to move forward and implant Court's defibrillator tomorrow.

I was most excited to get the news that Courtney will have the opportunity to climb out of bed and into a wheelchair for a short while. In the next day or so the staff will help Court into a Stryker chair, a large padded wheelchair with restraints to hold her upright. She has been so restless lately, while she's slated to receive physical therapy (in addition to occupational therapy) about three times a week, getting Courtney mobile will be tremendous.

Two other notes: Courtney is getting better at responding to commands (it helps when she's not drugged, which is less frequent now) from both us and the nurses and Julie reported that Courtney cried twice earlier in the day. As much as we would love them to be tears of joy, they are likely the result of her discomfort in lying down or the pain of coughing. I learned today she is suffering from Thrush, an infection in the mouth and throat that makes swallowing painful.

I must say that seeing Courtney today really brightened my day. In addition to having a case of the Mondays (I had the wrong coversheet on my TPS reports and someone stole my stapler) I've sought out therapy for the first time. My therapist is the spitting image of Dr. Z from those Volkswagen commercials and spends the better part of an hour speaking only in questions. While the therapy has been a release in some respects it has also caused me to think, which we all know can be a distressing pass time.

It's hard, but I have managed to start putting these events into perspective and plan for the future. This has and will be a test of patience and strength, the bigger picture is showing Courtney's rehabilitation as a process lasting one-to-two years. I want to be there for her and I want you all with me the entire way. Keep sending prayers and love, keep her in your thoughts and keep smiling.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Anonymous said...

We, the west coast cousins, continue to keep Courtney and all of you who are present with her in our prayers. Her progress is encouraging. Getting her up will be good. We are so grateful to you, Sean, for keeping the postings current. It is hard for us to be so far away.

We love you all,
Bill and Janet Nicholls

Martha Conway-Cole said...

Dr Z? or Guitar hero? You decide. I doubt Guitar hero will make you think. . . but I could be wrong. Caring thoughts you are having are shared by me.
Glad Courtney is going for rides out of the bed and that her room is bigger. I hear nothing but progress from Burlington and look forward to seeing Court this weekend. I will not be bringing my boys because they would wish to be too enthusiatic pushing the wheelchair. Ever read Curious George Goes to the Hospital? Imagine George times two.
Love to Courtney, Julie, Marty and the rulemaker!
Martha Conway-Cole

Marcia and Derek said...

It is so great to read good news. Know that Brooklyn continues to send healing energy and love to Courtney. As we say here, Brooklyn 's in the house! Sean I gave Julie a couple photos when we were there, she put them in the front pocket of her canvas bag. One has Courtney pulling a giant Christmas tree. Thanks for your updates and your honest delivery. P.S. it's Marty's birthday tomorrow.
love to all.

Marti said...

Good job Court! Keep it up! I'll be thinking about you today when you have the defib. put in.

Sean, as far as staying with you to see Court through this long process, I will always be there for you and Court no matter how long it takes.



Wheelchair races anyone?

Stu said...

We are so glad to continue to read positive reports with every update you write Sean! The therapy can be very helpful but it does make you think. Its OK to think as long as your mind does not control you but you control it!
No wheel chair racing down the hallways unless I am there to participate.

Courtney we are thinking of you and Doug the rule maker, Julie, Marty, Marti, Sean and everyone.

Can't wait to go on hike with Doug and you and Doug the "old man" won't be albe to keep up.

Stu, Bruce, and Hogan the wonder dog

Anonymous said...

Great news and progress! I thought you could use some therapy Sean...

It's all so confusing but it all seems like positive news. I never thought I'd be so happy to hear Courtney was crying! It reminds me of the thanksgiving when Josh and I ate all the leftovers in a competition.

Keep up the good work COURTNEY! Thanks for the updates Sean, you have really been incredible with all of this.


Anonymous said...

Julie has asked me to ask for extra prayers this afternoon. Courtney is undergoing a procedure to install the defribrilator at 2pm.
We know she's going to pull through this!


Anonymous said...

Courtney! Im glad to hear you are doing well. In the beginning I had trouble trying to find just the right thing to post up here. It was all so shocking. I keep up on reading the posts that Sean puts up, it is very helpful considering Im 2500 miles away and not able to visit. When I come back home I will be sure to stop by.. when ever that may be lol. Im thinking of you and everyone else with you. Keep up the good work!!