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Thursday, April 21, 2011

If it's not one thing, it's another...

Yesterday, my case manager rang, and I was informed I needed to be at the hospital for 8 am today. Somehow, I managed rise from my abbreviated slumber. eat, and be dressed in time to be there for 8. Somehow, I was basically ready by quarter. There's a first time for everything. (sidenote about the help I refer to here. Many, if not most of accomplishments I've made, have been a looong process. often with subsntantial help from others, whether it be family, my team of various therapists, or friends).
Alright, getting back on track here, we (my aide and I) arrived promptly at 8, waited for about 2 minutes before my name was called. I was brought to an 'exam room' where I would normally expect to be seen by the doctor, although an asisstant eventually ambled in to have look holograms and track flashing lights in a box. After 3.5 hour of testing and waiting and more testing, I was seen by the actual MD around 11,and was for the umpteenth time, informed, that I have a limited field of vision, and when I questioned him and asked for suggestions or exercises I could do to improve my situation, the response I received? "No, I'm sorry, there's really nothing we can offer you. I then asked if he thought the exercises, I'd been given by my neuro-optometrist. He appeared genuinly confused, as if he was unaware that exercises, and the personal initiative to actually complete them existed. The thought that ran through my head, " so this is why health-care is so expensive, not to mention, why taxpayers see tax increases nearly every year for health-care. Upon leaving, I immeadiately tracked down the person who referred me to that office and an overly long message detailing my experiences, and then berated the entire medical community in this area I can't say I'm proud of myself for expressing my opinions in this case. as it falls on deaf ears.
We headed back down the hill, just in time for lunch, and after some quick grilled cheeses, we headed for the bank, as I had discovered my debit card was missing. On the way out, I misjudged the size of the curb, and went down hard onto my knees, slamming my face into the running board of the truck. After a 10 minute regrouping period, I was able to get up, actually get in the truck, with he, and nurse my wounds. I then got dropped off at the YMCA, as my plan had been to workout. I managed to carry-on and do most of my program, at an obcenely slow pace, and then cleaned up and went to the nearby grocery store to get a fe things before finding a bus home. The only good thing about day yesterday? Running into friends from college who I hadn't seen in a while, and then getting a ride home. My spirits were lifted. I ended my evening by going for a short run before it got too dark.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Golly, gee!

I always go to sleep with the best of intentions for the next morning, although, I almost always wake up with the least of intentions, and mentally beg my alarm to silence. This morning began this way, until I recollected my plans to meet with a potential work-site. I got up, ate and jogged 2 mi. with the infamous 'baby-less' jogger. It was a good morning to be out, nice weather, and the bike path wasn't busy. As I walked to the crosswalk, before the pathstarts, I started to awkwardly leer at the traffic zooming by. I imagine I had nervous written all over my face becauase a fellow runner stopped, and asked if I wanted some help, which I gratefully accepted. I later returned home and started getting ready for my day, when I looked in the miiror and discovered a narrow, though distinct goatee and 'stache' from the glass I had put my smoothie in. Very classy move to go for a run, trying to pay tribute to graucho marx, or whomever had that fashion of facial hair. My job developer, Michelle, who is presently approaching potental worksites to gauge their interest in hiring. We visited hunger free Vermont. Their mission was intriguing,and I loved the work environment. I would be open to trying somethings they had to offer, so, Ill keep my fingers crossed.
Next, in my my day I got drooped off at the Y, to put my swim stuff in a locker, and then, headed back to the streets to meet my vocational rehab. counselor from the state. 0n my way, a woman kind of gawked at me and said hello, and I also said hello, but quiclky moved on. About a minute later, the same woman ran up from behind me and asked if I was Courtney Blasius. I was totally stupefied, though managed to ask why she knew who I was. Her response? The promotional video for crotched mountain, the rehab ctr. I was in. I remember being part of that, but never, did I expect to be stopped and recognized from it. Weird, though awesome. On a similar note, this evening I was cutting through the city mkt. parking lot, and a woman stops her car, and again asks me by full name and says she recognizes me from this blog. Turns out she worked with Sean, way back when and followed the blog. At that point, it was a decidedly small world kind of day.
I then finished up my big day at the Y for a water aerobics class, which I generally feel slow and behind in, though, I'm getting more and more coordinated most times I go. So, there you have it, my big day out.