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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alright, alright, this is my first entry of the week, and I was focused last week. I definitely suffer from poor time-management skills. In general, this not a newly acquired fault of mine, since my brain injury, it has gone from a mildly annoying trait that people put up with, to a nearly weekly occurrence, that inconveniences health-care professionals, and general acquaintances. I seem to have gained a reputation as the 'typical' medicaid patient, that being someone doesn't particularly care about making an effort to appear at their scheduled appointments. Granted, I do have difficulty with this, I consistently confuse times and dates of app.'s, or show up early or late to activities because I confuse the times and dates of many things. Tonight, for example, I wnt to the water aerobics class, I go to nearly every thursday night at 6:30. For whatever reason, my brain decided it was at 5:30. I got there at 5 and arranged for a ride home around 7. My first inclination that I had misinformation about the times. I was in the pool. I hate that I confuse times so easily, and so often, Oh, the woe's in life.
I spent most of my week working on a paper for my health-care policy class. Such a reli3f to have that finished. More tomorrow about adaptive snowboarding.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yay school

Had a productive Saturday, my roommate and I put in a thrilling 8 hr day. I was trying to organize my paper, which has many requirements for each particular segment. I'm finding I don't mind the research, or the actual writing itself, however, the process that i fashion. I'm always afraid I'll forget thoughts that are related, but don't necessarily remember to go and pull these random taglines out. Probably looking towards a similar day tomorrow. Yup, I lead a truly exciting life presently.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Friday!

Alright, I'm getting ready to turn in for my end to this fabulous friday evening. My day was spent working on a paper for my healthcare management class, with a break at noon to meet with a job developer, who is hopefully "the" person to have when you suffer from extenuating services. Quite frankly, I walked into this appointment, because I've endured 2 years of friendly chats with vocational rehab, as I moaned about yesterday. I received answers which satisfied my doubts, and came home with a definitive "action" plan, and an appointment next week, so with anyluck, I'll soon enough be detailing my days as a person with gainful employment. Well, one can only hope. We came back to the apartment and put in a couple hrs on my paper, I fee like such a slacker, having others type for, I also feel rather exposed speaking my train of thoughts, and then composing a sentence with my piece-meal thoughts. After a couple hrs of that, I got a ride to the gym, where I stumbled upon a spin class. I interrupted the class and started riding. It was fantastic to actually be part of a pysical actity and not be totally self coscious about my ability to participate and keep up with the class. There was also an aerobic portion tat my bala could'nt hndle so I made an idiot of myself gracelessly climbing on and off the bike, and awkwardly trying to handle free weights and do lunges. After a couple reps I tried staying on the bike and prolonginging my aerobic workout. I got home and continued my workout at the gym in my apartment complex. I headed to the tradmill, since I wont be walking outside any ttime soon, with all of the snow and ice. Alright, that's enough of my gripping day. Reading my thought, they are appearing pedestrian, empty, and lacking any depth. Well there's something to work on.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, it was a pretty standard day in terms of me not allotting my time properly. I have a massive paper due on Monday, and I type extremely slowly, and was also informed that aide perceives my ability to reflect and understand concepts to be sub par, and shared these thoughts with my brain injury team, minus myself. As horrified as I am, it did strike me as a wake-up call. Once I finished my initial tirade, it really struck me that I truly do not understand how to present myself to the world. I understand how my mind works, though lately it feels like a constant barrage of of thoughts and connections from my "previous life". I've ultimately concluded that while it amazing to feel like myself again, many good things and many bad traits have returned. For example, insecurities. For the longest time I was really unable wrap my head around the fact that I know suffer from a disability, that most people are llkely to notice. I had not the slightest inkling that the gravity of my situation would allude to such circumstances that I never could've imagined n in my forseeable future. Life certainly has an interesting book of tricks
To rapidly conclude my strangely detailed list daily activities, I decideded to take part in water aerobics class at the YMCA. One of the best decisios I've made all year. Though, seriously my fluidity in motion, balance improvements, and my reaction to step if I feel off balance, have all improved, and I have yet to get a black eye, though, I'm sure it's possible. I suppose I'll wraptp this up now and back to stressing about my paper.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wicked Wednesday...

Alright, I'm trying oh, so very hard to write everyday this week. For a recap of my day (I'm sure if anyone actually bothers to read this, that is not the most thrilling lead-in to a story, but, hey, ya win some, ya lose some. Yup, getting more captivating with ever word. My day began with deciding I wanted to make minestrone in the crock pot, while eating my breakfast and listening to my 'life skills trainer' read me the bill I've chosen to review and critique for the health care policy class I'm enrolled in. Probably one of the most productive mornings I've ever had. If you know me, I'm not what is considered a morning person, and I dislike coffee, not the greatest combo, when I need to interact with others. Moving on, we finished the bill, I came up with a mess of questions regarding the bill, and then rushed out the door to meet with my vocational rehab counselor at noon, which, I, for the umpteenth time appeared to have the of transcribed incorrectly. Although, for once, I had not missed it, which was a relief, because, when you desperately want a job, and a state agent is supposed to meet with montly to evaluate your abilities, it reflects quite poorly on you, when you incorrectly tanscribe the date and time incorrectly, or better yet, forget to look at my calendar. And I wonder why no one will hire me. In other news, I have a new fairly crazy, but VERY exciting goal of running a half marathon this August. I'm relearning how to balance myself, so I presently run with a baby-less jogger. I n lieu 0f a baby, I have 10 gallons of water in it, for weight. I get to be referred to as babyless jogger girl instead of walker girl, which haunted me all last year. Was certainly worth it though, because I no longer need it these days.

Just another day

Another standard Tuesday:: horse-back riding was canceled due to the obscene amount of snow we got yesterday (18-23 inches). Next, I was informed that the adaptive yoga class I attend, was also canceled, for a similar reason, that being inability to leave the driveway. In lieu of the events I look forward to each Tuesday, I sent the first part of my day reading a new bill recently put out by the Vermont legislature, and their planned changes for the states health-care costs. I imaine this sounds completely mundane to most of you, however,as someone who receives state funded health care from 3 different sources, and still gets turned down occasionally, it is necessary in my case, and even gives me a leg-up in my education. and with any luck, I'll be able to more efficiently help others, having gone through the unbelievable hassle of the system myself. Well, lookie there, I've established one of my wierd little dreams, a uniform, just healthcare system for all. Well, that'll be the day. Moving on from my slight divergance there, I then went to speech, where I got to practice openly working into a conversation (with a stranger, the fact that I have a brain injury, and that my voice is a liitle difficult to follow at times. My initial reaction is a bit like, "boo-hiss, I'd rather not have to introduce myself, that way." For some reason, introducing myself as someone who's suffered a brain injury is waay outside of my comfort zone. Although, recently, I've become acutely aware of much I do stand out as a result f my disabilities, and ultimately decided I don't need to be judging myself for things I have no ontrol over, besides, the rest of my little world seems to have a handle ot. You've got to pick your battles.