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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wicked Wednesday...

Alright, I'm trying oh, so very hard to write everyday this week. For a recap of my day (I'm sure if anyone actually bothers to read this, that is not the most thrilling lead-in to a story, but, hey, ya win some, ya lose some. Yup, getting more captivating with ever word. My day began with deciding I wanted to make minestrone in the crock pot, while eating my breakfast and listening to my 'life skills trainer' read me the bill I've chosen to review and critique for the health care policy class I'm enrolled in. Probably one of the most productive mornings I've ever had. If you know me, I'm not what is considered a morning person, and I dislike coffee, not the greatest combo, when I need to interact with others. Moving on, we finished the bill, I came up with a mess of questions regarding the bill, and then rushed out the door to meet with my vocational rehab counselor at noon, which, I, for the umpteenth time appeared to have the of transcribed incorrectly. Although, for once, I had not missed it, which was a relief, because, when you desperately want a job, and a state agent is supposed to meet with montly to evaluate your abilities, it reflects quite poorly on you, when you incorrectly tanscribe the date and time incorrectly, or better yet, forget to look at my calendar. And I wonder why no one will hire me. In other news, I have a new fairly crazy, but VERY exciting goal of running a half marathon this August. I'm relearning how to balance myself, so I presently run with a baby-less jogger. I n lieu 0f a baby, I have 10 gallons of water in it, for weight. I get to be referred to as babyless jogger girl instead of walker girl, which haunted me all last year. Was certainly worth it though, because I no longer need it these days.

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