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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just another day

Another standard Tuesday:: horse-back riding was canceled due to the obscene amount of snow we got yesterday (18-23 inches). Next, I was informed that the adaptive yoga class I attend, was also canceled, for a similar reason, that being inability to leave the driveway. In lieu of the events I look forward to each Tuesday, I sent the first part of my day reading a new bill recently put out by the Vermont legislature, and their planned changes for the states health-care costs. I imaine this sounds completely mundane to most of you, however,as someone who receives state funded health care from 3 different sources, and still gets turned down occasionally, it is necessary in my case, and even gives me a leg-up in my education. and with any luck, I'll be able to more efficiently help others, having gone through the unbelievable hassle of the system myself. Well, lookie there, I've established one of my wierd little dreams, a uniform, just healthcare system for all. Well, that'll be the day. Moving on from my slight divergance there, I then went to speech, where I got to practice openly working into a conversation (with a stranger, the fact that I have a brain injury, and that my voice is a liitle difficult to follow at times. My initial reaction is a bit like, "boo-hiss, I'd rather not have to introduce myself, that way." For some reason, introducing myself as someone who's suffered a brain injury is waay outside of my comfort zone. Although, recently, I've become acutely aware of much I do stand out as a result f my disabilities, and ultimately decided I don't need to be judging myself for things I have no ontrol over, besides, the rest of my little world seems to have a handle ot. You've got to pick your battles.

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