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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



As I think back on the year that has passed, I am amazed at both how quickly it has gone and also how slowly it seems to have gone for Court. She has come such a long way but has an even longer way to go. Court is still legally blind. She has only tunnel vision at best. What she does see is very clear and she's now wearing extended wear contacts. She walks with the help of someone guiding her when on unfamiliar territory. At her home she is able to get around on her own, except on the stairs. It takes her a long time to get dressed and to eat meals but she does it by herself. Her therapies consist of physical therapy, occupational therapy and horseback riding therapy. We are looking into swimming as well, especially since the weather will be getting colder soon (ugh)...
One thing that I think Court would love to do is get back into working some type of job. We aren't sure what that may be yet but vocational counseling will help with that.
I would like to ask everyone who has been traveling this journey with Courtney to send her a special prayer this day. I would like everyone to join in and send her birthday wish of continued positive recovery! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!
Love, Julie/Mom

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Court's back from Aruba..

Courtney headed out to Aruba last Sunday with her high school friends by her side to attend a wedding. They were there for four days and had a wonderful time. The weather was great and the wedding was beautiful. Needless to say none of them wanted to come home. It was the first outing for Court without family, just friends and I'm sure she enjoyed herself to no end. It was a much needed R&R for her and the rest of her cronies!
She had come home to Maine for a week before that and had some R&R, Maine style,visiting with her Dad and Martha as well. While here she went horseback riding twice with a great friend of ours. She was walking and trotting by herself! Then her old riding instructor came to watch and say hi to Court. They hadn't seen each other since before the event a year ago. That's Pam and her pony with Court above.
Speaking of a year ago, it's been almost exactly one year since Court had a cardiac arrest. We are celebrating a year of phenominal recovery,determination,hard work and most of all LIFE. We are all so grateful to have Courtney with us and watch her continue to recover and improve. This is such an arduous, long road for her. Please continue to read and comment on this blog even though it is not updated as often as it used to be, comments are ALWAYS WELCOME and make this blog more interesting. Without comments it's hard to post things so please let us know you are keeping track of our girl. Thanks to all who have kept up with this blog. God Bless....
Always, Julie/Mom