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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Court's back from Aruba..

Courtney headed out to Aruba last Sunday with her high school friends by her side to attend a wedding. They were there for four days and had a wonderful time. The weather was great and the wedding was beautiful. Needless to say none of them wanted to come home. It was the first outing for Court without family, just friends and I'm sure she enjoyed herself to no end. It was a much needed R&R for her and the rest of her cronies!
She had come home to Maine for a week before that and had some R&R, Maine style,visiting with her Dad and Martha as well. While here she went horseback riding twice with a great friend of ours. She was walking and trotting by herself! Then her old riding instructor came to watch and say hi to Court. They hadn't seen each other since before the event a year ago. That's Pam and her pony with Court above.
Speaking of a year ago, it's been almost exactly one year since Court had a cardiac arrest. We are celebrating a year of phenominal recovery,determination,hard work and most of all LIFE. We are all so grateful to have Courtney with us and watch her continue to recover and improve. This is such an arduous, long road for her. Please continue to read and comment on this blog even though it is not updated as often as it used to be, comments are ALWAYS WELCOME and make this blog more interesting. Without comments it's hard to post things so please let us know you are keeping track of our girl. Thanks to all who have kept up with this blog. God Bless....
Always, Julie/Mom


Anonymous said...

I just hit "next blog" & got yours. So I've spent the last 45 minutes or so reading up on what happened, her recovery & now.

My dad actually has recovered from a Traumatic Brain Injury, so it was really interesting for me. My dad fell off my parents' 2-story roof 7 years ago after making a repair to our gutter. He was a 58 year old, very healthy man who worked out every morning before going to his job @ Boeing. He wasn't supposed to make it through the night, but did. After that things looked up. He is a medical miracle to all doctors who look at his chart. He was in ICU for 3 weeks, moved to the brain injury floor for a month after that, a nursing home for a month, then finally moved back home to my parents' house. A shuttle came to pick him up to do his OT, PT & speech therapy. In less than 7 months after his accident, he was back to work for Boeing. He made it back before Christmas, just so he could get his Christmas vacation. :) Hard to believe it was 7 years ago. But he has since retired from Boeing, and enjoyed 5 grandchildren. (I was pregnant with his 1st grandchild when the accident happened)

It's a lot of work & sometimes the improvements can be slow, with some plateaus... but even a few years after his accident, my dad would be stunned at things that were "new" that he hadn't been able to do since the accident. His brain was continuing to heal, as is Courtney's.

So tell Courtney to keep it up. I can tell she has an AMAZING support group of family & friends. She is one lucky, lucky girl. :) Thanks for sharing your story with others!


Love from, Rachel in Kansas City

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your encouraging words. It's great to read amazing stories of recovery and certainly gives us all more hope and inspiration. I know Court will be fine, no matter how long it takes. Again thanks and good luck to your family!
Court's Mom, Julie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog entry, Rachel. I'm so impressed that you took the time to write. As my sister Julie said, it really helps to hear stories of other people's recoveries. It sounds like you and your family are doing quite well.

Best of luck to you and your family!

Courtney's Aunt Marti

Anonymous said...

First, there is WOW! Then more WOW! Then, this girl is utterly BOW WOW!! You ROCK, Courtney!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Courtney, you have come such a long way and I am so proud of you. I wish you a wonderful day on your birthday.I hope that I can catch up with you the next time you are home. Much love, Nancy C.