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Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Miss representation..."

I was checking Upworthy's daily dose of random videos shedding light on a variety of issues.  I usually can't watch them all, in one go, as they can cover such profound topics, from the intricacies of American healthcare framework, to something outrageous Miley Cyrus has done, to heartwarming clip of little girls expressing their drams, and lastly there's often a memorial type clip, celebrating the life of a recently passed famous person.  I think it's a great service, and I appreciate more positive outlook, and  model based on awareness, and education.  Yes, it's cool, like that.  I was struck by a video cop most recently, called 'Miss Representation, and it lights the profound amount of negative media attention women receive.  Personally, I don't have cable, and really don't miss it.  Though, the chiefly misrepresented women, are those in politics, although none are immune.  Check it out, see what you think...

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