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Friday, March 28, 2008

Settling In

Being back in Burlington for the past weeks has been a nice return to familiar faces and places. We're happy to see all our friends, Court's been able to talk and joke around with everyone just like old times. There's been no lack of tasty food and helping hands.

Her therapists at Fanny Allen are terrific, she is slowly working on writing, working her left hand and buttoning or zippering clothes. She gets to swim in a heated pool Monday nights at the Sports and Fitness Edge in Essex, she can wiggle around doggie-paddle style until she's tired and relaxes in the hot tub. We've been to the past two weekly pot luck dinners her college friends hold and they've been a great time, it's a social environment that's easier to interact in and navigate than the bar scene.

A few folks have asked about Courtney's schedule and living situation. I'd say that anyone looking to hang out with Court, feel free to give her a call on her cell phone (she may not pick up right away, but can check voicemail and usually can use voice dialing to call back). She's free most nights after dinnertime as well as weekends. Court's also been practicing on the computer, using some of the adaptive features, so send her an e-mail if you like.

We're spending this snowy weekend in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, Marti's house here is filled with neat trinkets, I could probably spend hours peeling through old baseball cards. Winter is refusing to die, so I guess that means more drinking indoors and reading Stephen King late at night.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt Party :)

Tonight at 83A Ward St. there will be an Easter Egg Hunt Party. Its what it sounds 9pm an Easter Egg Hunt, lots of games, plenty of Beverages, friends and fun. A suggested $5 donation to cover party costs and overflow goes to the coin drop. We'll see you all tonight! Give a call if you have any questions: 802.355.2466


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Court's New Address!!!

Court is transitioning into her new digs very well! Kathy and Pat are wonderful pseudo parents, or rather caretakers and they all seem to have a similar sense of humor(very important) as well as food likes/dislikes, etc.
Just to let everyone know Courtney's new mailing address is: 27 Oak Creek Drive, South Burlington, VT. 05403
My email in case anyone should want to contact me is:
Love, Julie/Mom

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moving On

The day has finally come, Courtney's leaving Crotched Mountain tomorrow and we're headed up to Burlington on Saturday afternoon. After much finagling, the pieces have come together for Court's rehab and living situation in Vermont.

Courtney will be living with the Flynn's, a middle-aged couple with traumatic brain injury experience in South Burlington. She'll have round-the-clock supervision and a bedroom and bathroom to herself. We're looking forward meeting them and getting Court settled in.

Her therapy evaluations will take place next week at Fanny Allen Hospital in Colchester, she'll be able to resume PT, OT and speech therapy there on an outpatient level. We'll also look to take advantage of some recreational and adaptive therapy programs in the area (swimming, horseback riding, etc.) She'll have a new case manager and a life skills aide on weekdays in Burlington as well.

Court's excited to be moving on up and continue the progress she's made at the mountain, most recently: ditching her wheel chair entirely and using a walking stick to move independently early in the day (which she's promised to swing upon the first Little Bo Peep joke) as well as getting a new prism prescription for her eyeglasses in hopes of realigning her eyesight and helping her balance.

We've got quite a few people to thank and chocolate cake to devour tomorrow.


Saturday, March 8, 2008


Tonight's event went very well. It was absolutely delicious. There was spaghetti with marinara sauce or meatsauce, all kinds of breads and rolls, salad and homemade desserts to die for! My compliments to all the chefs! Far better than the average spaghetti dinners, this was excellent! I do not have any figures or a headcount yet but I did get to see many familiar faces that I haven't seen since Court's high school days (or in my case, daze!). It was so much fun and the evening went way too fast. The auction was fast paced and so many wonderful things were auctioned off. I think we did quite well.
I want to thank all the people involved in setting up this wonderful benefit event. I know it took a tremendous amount of work and planning and it showed! And to everyone who participated in it, whether it be working there or attending and bidding on the fantastic items, a HUGE THANK YOU as well! I hope everyone is happy with their treasures and we all appreciated the support and show of love for Courtney. It was great to see Court's friends and mine as well.
With sincere gratitude,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

SFC Meeting This Coming Wednesday

what are those again?...

Sorry about the extended delay in SFC meetings and happenings. Personally, I was super busy and needed to get some things out of the way to allow myself to fully commit to SFC again. Jeff and Lynn Gregory's class hustled to organize a raffle which raised over $1,000 and the cycling team raised a similar amount. I've since spoken to Courtney's dad, Doug, and emphasized how much the money we've raised (and will raise) will help out with Courtney's continued rehabilitation when she gets back to Vermont. We are ready to get going this coming Wednesday (March 12th) to discuss a few event ideas, a new date for the silent auction (which is still happening); and best of all, Courtney's arrival back in Vermont. If I don't hear from anyone I'll plan on 6pm at Morrill Hall again. If anyone has a suggestion for a different day, time and/or location, let me know and I'll arrange it around everyone's schedules. After working through almost 1/2 a year of kinks and dilemmas in our 'management' and organization system, I think a few changes will be made to improve the flow of our meetings as well as events.

Spring in Vermont gets everyone out and ready for fun. The Sun is finally out, the days are longer and warmer and spirits are high. Lets take advantage of this get some outdoor events going.

Doug, I accidentally erased your message with the phone number when I was on the road this weekend. Could you e-mail or call back with it.

Well, unless posted otherwise, I'll see you on Wednesday of next week at 6pm - Morrill Hall. (I am bringing all t-shirts with me to distribute).

Happy Spring!