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Thursday, March 6, 2008

SFC Meeting This Coming Wednesday

what are those again?...

Sorry about the extended delay in SFC meetings and happenings. Personally, I was super busy and needed to get some things out of the way to allow myself to fully commit to SFC again. Jeff and Lynn Gregory's class hustled to organize a raffle which raised over $1,000 and the cycling team raised a similar amount. I've since spoken to Courtney's dad, Doug, and emphasized how much the money we've raised (and will raise) will help out with Courtney's continued rehabilitation when she gets back to Vermont. We are ready to get going this coming Wednesday (March 12th) to discuss a few event ideas, a new date for the silent auction (which is still happening); and best of all, Courtney's arrival back in Vermont. If I don't hear from anyone I'll plan on 6pm at Morrill Hall again. If anyone has a suggestion for a different day, time and/or location, let me know and I'll arrange it around everyone's schedules. After working through almost 1/2 a year of kinks and dilemmas in our 'management' and organization system, I think a few changes will be made to improve the flow of our meetings as well as events.

Spring in Vermont gets everyone out and ready for fun. The Sun is finally out, the days are longer and warmer and spirits are high. Lets take advantage of this get some outdoor events going.

Doug, I accidentally erased your message with the phone number when I was on the road this weekend. Could you e-mail or call back with it.

Well, unless posted otherwise, I'll see you on Wednesday of next week at 6pm - Morrill Hall. (I am bringing all t-shirts with me to distribute).

Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Amber. Your work is much appreciated. We all know that you also have another life (other than SFC). Don't ever feel guilty about not doing enough or whatever. You and the SFC committee are doing a fantastic job. We are so impressed with all of the time and effort it takes to keep SFC going.

Have a warm, sunny spring!


Marti (Court's aunt)

Melissa said...

It's great to hear things are still rolling in VT!
So here in Maine we're gearing up for our big "Support for Courtney" spaghetti dinner and auction! We have some really awesome items to auction off and are looking forward to watching the $$s roll in...

Here are the details for anyone who isn't already aware of them and would like to come:

Friday, March 7
Rockland Elks Lodge (Rankin St.)
Dinner 5-8pm; Live auction 6:30
$10 adults/$5 children
Calliope String Quartet to play 5:15-6:15

Tell everyone you know!

I hope everyone is enjoying this welcome March sun and warmth.

Martha Conway-Cole said...

I passed your request on to Doug. He should call soon.
Thank you for all that you do. It is really reassuring to Doug and I and everyone who does not live in Burlington to know you guys are there for Court.
Love, Martha

Julie/mom said...

Thanks for the update. Sounds like things will be rolling along soon. I need to get a hold of some t-shirts, size women's med. Two if you can. Can you let me know if you can send them to me and when?
Also, things went well at the eye doctor today for Courtney. Her center of vision or "midline" is off slightly so she will need new glasses. This is exciting news and hopefull will help with her uncertain walking in the afternoons or whenever she gets tired.
That's it from this end. I hope to see a lot of people at the dinner/auction tomorrow night!
Love, Julie/mom

Hazel said...

Will Courtney be returning to Vermont? Thats great! Its been really amazing from my end, up in Maine, to see how the community has really rallied and helped with our dinner/auction tomorrow. Hope to see all that can come tomorrow!