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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Court's New Address!!!

Court is transitioning into her new digs very well! Kathy and Pat are wonderful pseudo parents, or rather caretakers and they all seem to have a similar sense of humor(very important) as well as food likes/dislikes, etc.
Just to let everyone know Courtney's new mailing address is: 27 Oak Creek Drive, South Burlington, VT. 05403
My email in case anyone should want to contact me is:
Love, Julie/Mom


Valerie said...

yay! sounds good--we'd all love to hear more when you get the chance! love to all, Val

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Court's settling in well. Sounds like a great place for Courtney and her sense of humor!


Aunt Marti

PS Should I tell Kathy and Pat about pigdeers and delpies?

Meaghan Theresa said...

Congratulations Courtney on your big move! We are so happy for you!!! It seems like everyone is moving on from the mountain.
Good Luck with everything.
The Milmoes