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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Tonight's event went very well. It was absolutely delicious. There was spaghetti with marinara sauce or meatsauce, all kinds of breads and rolls, salad and homemade desserts to die for! My compliments to all the chefs! Far better than the average spaghetti dinners, this was excellent! I do not have any figures or a headcount yet but I did get to see many familiar faces that I haven't seen since Court's high school days (or in my case, daze!). It was so much fun and the evening went way too fast. The auction was fast paced and so many wonderful things were auctioned off. I think we did quite well.
I want to thank all the people involved in setting up this wonderful benefit event. I know it took a tremendous amount of work and planning and it showed! And to everyone who participated in it, whether it be working there or attending and bidding on the fantastic items, a HUGE THANK YOU as well! I hope everyone is happy with their treasures and we all appreciated the support and show of love for Courtney. It was great to see Court's friends and mine as well.
With sincere gratitude,


Julie/Mom said...

A giant thanks to all who donated such wonderful items to the auction! Both the live and the silent auctions were full of a wide variety of things such as museum memberships,YMCA membership,artwork,personal sewing,fertilzers,a quilt,two cottages on the water for a week,not to forget the yummy foods, beautiful handmade wooden canoe,accordian,theraputic gift certificates,car repair certificates.....the list goes on and on. THANK YOU, GRACIAS,MERCI BEAUCOUP,etc...!!!
Also thanks to those of you who traveled from afar to be there! It was great to see everyone!
Love, Juli/mom

Valerie said...

The unofficial tally for the auction was close to $5,000 and the donations are still coming in! We'll report back with the grand total once we have it. Combined with the Concert for Courtney (Feb. 16) we've raised at least $8,000 in Maine! We still have 2 large items leftover from the auction which we are going to try to raffle off/auction off online, so much more $$$ should be coming our way soon. A huge thanks to all who participated in the auction, it ran very smoothly and I heard a lot of nice compliments from attendees. Julie, THANK YOU so much for making the trek! It was so good to see you, you look amazing. And to Dearest Courtney, it was a regular MVHS reunion--we missed you but you were (obviously) in everyone's thoughts! We love you!!!
the Maine Gang

Abraham said...

It was a wonderful event, and I'm really glad I was able to attend. I was so impressed by the Maine gang's work in putting this on--the event felt quite professional, and was obviously a community-inspiring and financial success. You guys are amazing. Great job!