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Friday, March 28, 2008

Settling In

Being back in Burlington for the past weeks has been a nice return to familiar faces and places. We're happy to see all our friends, Court's been able to talk and joke around with everyone just like old times. There's been no lack of tasty food and helping hands.

Her therapists at Fanny Allen are terrific, she is slowly working on writing, working her left hand and buttoning or zippering clothes. She gets to swim in a heated pool Monday nights at the Sports and Fitness Edge in Essex, she can wiggle around doggie-paddle style until she's tired and relaxes in the hot tub. We've been to the past two weekly pot luck dinners her college friends hold and they've been a great time, it's a social environment that's easier to interact in and navigate than the bar scene.

A few folks have asked about Courtney's schedule and living situation. I'd say that anyone looking to hang out with Court, feel free to give her a call on her cell phone (she may not pick up right away, but can check voicemail and usually can use voice dialing to call back). She's free most nights after dinnertime as well as weekends. Court's also been practicing on the computer, using some of the adaptive features, so send her an e-mail if you like.

We're spending this snowy weekend in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, Marti's house here is filled with neat trinkets, I could probably spend hours peeling through old baseball cards. Winter is refusing to die, so I guess that means more drinking indoors and reading Stephen King late at night.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Sean. Things sound good! Any pics?? New house? Court? You? Whatever?


Aunt Marti

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Court is settling in! Could you provide her email address? I'd love to send her some news of the eventing horse world (and pics!)


Pam Eckelbarger