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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Moo! Fun in Stowe..

Today was a short day of therapy for Court. Since she only had one today, we decided to take a short road trip to Stowe. Sean,Courtney,her Dad and I headed over to visit the Cabot cheese store and sample some of the fine selections they had to offer! After downing various varieties of cheeses and other goodies, we then went next door for some fine chocolates! It was off to the Apple Cider place across the street for some cider donuts and fresh pressed apple cider.
Waterbury was next on the tour for actual dinner at a really good pub/brewery called The Alchemist. It was great to just get out and be a tourist for an afternoon! The weather was some what c0-0perative by hitting 61 degrees for a minute. Some fog and rain made an appearance but it managed to clear off by the time we headed back to Burlington.
Court has had a somewhat rough time this past week trying to get off her last anti-seizure drug. It went well for a few days but after her last pill she bacame quite weak and shakey. The doc said to put her back on the lowest dose until we can sort out the problem. Could be she will stay on this drug for a while. Time will tell.
Please be sure to keep Courtney in your healing thoughts and prayers. She still needs all the hope and help she can get. This time of rehab is really hard on all of us. She is not making positive strides as quickly now that she has come so far. It's only natural for this to happen but at the same time it becomes somewhat disheartening for everyone, especially Courtney. This is the beginning of the next stage of her rehab. Wish her good luck!
Love, Julie/Mom

P.S. These pictures were put on the blog under protest from Court...
Doesn't she look cute?


Anonymous said...

Adorable pics of Court, thank you for the post! That sounds like a very fun fact I have been on the very same trip at least once or twice with Court! We always take advantage of free food... :)
Hope all is well, I think of you all every day. Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

Court looks beautiful, no matter what pose! Much love to you all.
~ Nancy

Anonymous said...

Cute pics, Court! Of course, you'd look better in a pigdeer suit, but that's okay.

I, too think about you and pray for your continued recovery every single day. Be strong! You'll be fine.

Much love,

Aunt Marti and the piggies

Lauren said...

Courtney looks great! It's nice to see her out and about. I'm sorry that I missed her this past weekend. I was in Burlington and was hoping that I could get the chance to say hi. I'll be visiting again soon though. Miss you all lots! My thoughts are always with you.


Anonymous said...

Wow Court, how did they talk you into that? Haha. I'm still planning to be out there in May, and I'll definitely come visit. Hope you're doing well!


Valerie said...

hey all! sweeet pictures...i'm still down south but looking forward to returning to new england in about 3 weeks. i can't wait to come and see you, court, and the rest of your entourage! also, brianna will be passing back through burlington, and she will definitely be paying you a visit. i think about you guys all the time, and send lots of loooove and warm, springtime vibes. it's coming! love, Val

Anonymous said...


It was so great to see you today. I loved reminiscing about those good 'ole Belizean days, and seeing you have a few good laughs! Hope to see you again in the near future!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,

How are YOU doing?? I heard you've been accepted as one of Court's official caretakers. Wow! I hope she doesn't whack you around too much. You continue to be a Godsend. I hope you also take some well-earned time for yourself. You so deserve it!

Take care, I hope to see you this summer!!


Aunt Marti

Anonymous said...

It's quiet in Courtney BlogLand. What's new?

Anonymous said...

Sean, I heard that Courtney has been making some good progress lately. Could you post a brief update for us?? We're all itching for the latest news!


Aunt Marti

Valerie said...

agreed--what've you all been up to? xoxo val

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll 4th it... how's Court doing now that she is back in VT? Anything new?

Anonymous said...

Shhhh, I think they are still hibernating in Vermont ...