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Thursday, February 28, 2008

'Status Quo....

It's been business as usual here at Crotched Mtn. Courtney has been trudging along in her daily therapies and things are progressing but at a more regular speed than previously experienced. This is bound to happen as she continues but it is somewhat disheartening for me to not see the speed with which she was gaining before. Things have leveled off so to speak and she is ready to move on to her next venture!
Our date of discharge now has been slated for March 14th with a review at that time of her status. Her Dad is up in Burlington today checking things out for Court so we will have a better idea of what's available there. It's Court's first choice to go back to her beloved Burlington so that's where we hope she lands!
To all who know me somewhat, I am saddened to say my Dad passed away this last Sunday and it's been quite hard on me. I find no time to grieve and it's been hard on Court too. She didn't get to see him this past year so she's been in a funk about that. Finding time to write on the blog is difficult with everything else going on but we will try to continue to add information as it becomes available.
To end on a happier note, there will be a benefit spaghetti dinner and auction Friday evening, March 7th at the Rockland, Maine Elks Lodge on Maverick St., I believe starting at 5:00 p.m. The auction starts around 6:30. I sincerely hope everyone who can will attend this yummy and fun event. Some very nice things have been donated so please tell people you know to come along and enjoy a great evening of food and fun for Courtney's benefit!! Thanks to everyone.
Much love, Julie/mom


Anonymous said...

Our family has lost a precious man. I am so glad that we saw him when we were all in Phoenix, Julie. Our love to you, Marti, Court, and all who knew and loved your uncle.


Anonymous said...

Julie, much love to you in your time of sorrow. - Nancy

Valerie said...

dearest Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I wish that I could give you a huge hug right now, but maybe Court can give you one in my absence. I love you and I'm thinking about you & sending peaceful, healing thoughts your way. Hang in there...
Love, Val

Anonymous said...

We offer our condolences as well to Julie and her family in the time of her great loss.

Much love & compassion

Gregg & Sharon

Anonymous said...

What a year it has been. However, I truly believe that we need to look for the opening of new doors of opportunity in the coming months and years. As we know, it's our thinking, not our circumstances, that determines how we feel. We have the power to change the way we feel about our experiences, by changing the way we think. Good things will come.

Thanks to everyone who has been such a tremendous support to us from Courtney's cardiac arrest to the passing of her beloved grandpa.


Marti (Court's Aunt)

Anonymous said...

Julie,Courtney and Marti:
Mom just sent the news about your dad. For me,he was always a shining star in the deAnguera constellation and of course one of the funniest people I have ever met. So much love and joy bundled into one guy with one of the most expressive mustaches anyone could ever imagine. I see his love of life and family shining through in every word posted in this remarkable blog site. My thoughts are with you all. Your collective courage is powerful inspiration!! We send you all sorts of love, Lili

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your beautiful words and support,Lili. Does Julie have your email address? I'd like to be better at keeping in touch with you all!



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Sending a big hug your way...


Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,
My condolences on your father. Sorry for so much sorrow this past year.

Gary Flo