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Friday, February 15, 2008

Adaptive Snowboard Round 2


Things have been busy up on the mountain lately, our new friends in Greenfield had a 60-person wedding in their house last night and we're going to a Manchester Monarchs hockey game tonight. I finished editing the video of Court's last snowboard trip. She kept her strength up all day, riding down the length of the mountain four times with three spotters, Doug and myself following along.

Hope everyone found a Valentine yesterday or at least had a few chalky "I Love You" candies. I got Court flowers and chocolates, she gave me a big pair of chocolate lips. We danced at the wedding and she muscled her way to catch the bouquet.

Courtney's care plan meeting has been bumped up to this Wednesday, we'll talk about the her progress in therapy and next steps then.



Anonymous said...

Damn! Go Courtney! Thats some wicked awesome snowboarding! I will have to take lessons from you. Im happy to see you are doing well. Im moving back home in 2 weeks, I will be sure to stop by and see you when I get settled.


Anonymous said...

Yay Courtneyyyy!! :)

Sounds like you've been having an awesome week! I have also been to the mountain a lot lately, I wish we could go together...
Ann, Amber and I are trying to plan a trip in the near future to visit, it's been wayyyy too long!!
Miss you tons, hope all is well!
Happy late V day!


Anonymous said...


Every time I see a new video you look more and more comfortable! I just love seeing you out on the snow having fun. It warms my heart. I miss you! Talk to you soon. Grandpa says hi!


Aunt Marti

PS Sean - great video! Next time - let's see you on a snowboard! Keep us posted on Court's next evaluation. Thanks.

Lauren said...

Awesome awesome video sean!!!! Loved it! Thanks for posting it! :)
And I'm sure that Warren Miller would be very impressed.

Valerie said...

oh man that was funny...thanks sean for another snazzy video, Court I'm glad the 3rd grade sense of humor is still firmly intact. admittedly, who could pass up a crotchachino? i love you, crazy girl!

Miriam said...

I don't know you, Courtney, but I love your spirit. You are an inspiration. Keep on keepin' on and best wishes for your recovery.
--Miriam in Hinesburg, VT

Anonymous said...

I just love it when people who don't even know Courtney write in to say what an inspiration she is!

Keep the messages coming! It keeps us all going and I know the messages mean a lot to Court.


Jennie said...

it is so great seeing courtney doing soo well. my boyfriend was at spaulding rehab with her in boston and that is where i met her parents and i would see her rolling down the hallways. and sean- these videos u make are awesome. we are trying to make some videos of caleb and put them on the blog, but we have no idea how to. this july 4th, we are having a huge party for caleb and inviting everyone we have meet throughout this process. we are really hoping that courtney, her family and sean can come. stay strong!!!

Sara said...

you made me poop my pants!