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Sunday, February 17, 2008

AWSOME Waldoboro "Support" Concert!!

Courtney's Maine connection of supporters came out last night to attend a double header! Two bands played for a great group of people who came to enjoy some really good music and dance! The Waldo Theatre was filled with a lot of familiar faces and some new faces as well. The bands encouraged everyone who wanted to come out and dance. The first band to play was a great bluegrass/ragtime/folk-rock group called the Toughcats. The three members are from North Haven Island, Maine and played a great set. They had the house's attention from their first song and continued to command the attention of everyone! I yelled for an encore but to no avail.
The second band was the Pickled Beats, with a cast of four, playing a wide variety of classic rock songs. They were too good to sit still for, so many got up and "cut the rug" including myself! The place was well attended but I don't have an offficial headcount yet. I will post it as soon as I find out. The whole event was preceeded by dinner at the local Narrows Tavern with a portion of proceeds from dinner there going to Support for Courtney. A local art gallery, the Tidemark Gallery donated 20% of all sales for that day to the fund as well!
A basket was placed in the entrance for donations to help defer the cost of boarding my horses. People dug deep into their pockets for that as well.
All in all, it was a great success. The hard work and effort that was put into organizing and hosting this event was evident and very much appreciated. Thank you so much to everyone who participated, from the organizers,to the bands and to the people who came and showed their support for Courtney! And to the people who couldn't missed a really fun time!!
Love, Julie/Mom


Debbie said...

what a great evening - great music and visiting with friends but best of all seeing julie looking so great and relaxed and having a good time. who knew she should be part of the band?? it was good to see marty too! we thought of you often during the evening, courtney, as we do daily. Love you all and look forward to the three of you showing up in waldoboro next time.
debbie and george

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on what sounds like a fantastic fund raiser! I'm sure we'd all love to see some pics - especially of Julie as part of the band?! Yahoo! Go Courtney!!


Aunt Marti

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there but family events prevailed. We stopped in at Moody's for a late night slice of pie and I think I heard the music drifting up from downtown! - Nancy

Anonymous said...

We have ourselves a blossoming performer!

Julie/Mom said...

Not a bad evening's work....the concert raised over $2500.00 for SupportforCourtney fund after all bills were paid and that's not the total amount! Wow!! There were roughly 100 people in attenedence.
Thank you to all who contributed and all who could attend1
Love, Julie/mom

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time I met Courtney was September 6. My son was showing his photos at the art hop in Burlington. She met us at a restaurant for dinner and just like in the movie she had me at hello. She has a smile that would melt anyone's heart. We met again for breakfast the next day. She told us how her birthday was on 9/11. We told her how unfortunate that was, but to have a great celebration anyway. I called my son the next day and told him how much we just loved Courtney. Then five days later I got the call that would change everyone's lives. My son could barely get out the words of what happened. We both cried. I just could not believe that the girl we had just been with five days earlier was in the hospital fighting for her life. My husband and I went back to Burlington a few days later to see her and I have to say if anyone was to ask me what the meaning of love was I would say it's the look you see in the eyes of parents when they look and touch and hold their child the way Courtney's parents did. Julie, Doug, Marty and her Aunt Marti just displayed an outpouring of affection that just touched my heart and still does. And to all the doctors and nurses and therapists who helped to get her where she is today, are to be commended. They have done a great job. Also I have to say to Amber and Jeff, although I have never met them, you both are to be commended as well for all you have done for Courtney, raising money thru all the benefits you have held. So many lives have been touched and continue to be touched by Courtney. And I would like to say my son continues to amaze me and his father seeing him with Courtney. His patience and devotion for her still brings tears to my eyes. He has become my hero. How lucky and proud we are as parents to have him as our son. Many prayers have been answered and many people continue to read Courtney's story. She has come a long way, her hard work and determination is helping her to become the same girl who still has me at hello and still has a smile that melts my heart. Courtney, you are my angel.
Much Love,

Sean's Mom, Sharon

Julie/mom said...

Your amazing son is the way he is mostly because of you and Greg. He is an unbelievably caring and devoted person and Court wouldn't be as far along without people like Sean and all her friends who are so committed to her recovery! Thanks for all your love and support, I love when you come up to visit! We'll know a little more about where she is off to next after tomorrow's care plan meeting. Again, thanks for raising such a great son and for writing such a beautiful comment.

Anonymous said...


Sharyn said...

Julie- I want to be a rock star too- can we start up a group when we are over this bump in the road?
To Sharon..I share your pride in Sean. We met at Spaulding and I was instantly taken in by both Sean and Courtney at first glance- so I know what you speak of.
Wishing you all well and continued thoughts of healing. Sharyn

Anonymous said...

Julie, My name is Anne Bradford. I have a daughter who has been diagnosed with a very rare progressive disease. Last summer when I needed to make some very hard decisions about her/our health insurance I called the State Health Commision. I am hoping you will call the Maine Bureau for Consumer Insurance Assistance at 1 800- 300 -5000 and ask for Mike McGonigle. He can help your family with your health insurance concerns. He is a very knowledgable concerned and calm gentleman. My best to you and your family. Anne