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Friday, February 8, 2008

Snowshoeing in Lieu of Boarding

Court's snowboarding trip has been postponed, but only until Tuesday, we've had some gross weather lately anyhow, sleet and freezing rain (nature's diarrhea). We made due by breaking out snowshoes from the recreational therapy department and had fun trudging around the baseball field at the mountain. Court had no trouble getting around, no falling either. I was previously a snowshoe virgin, I'd like to do it again sometime.

If you're in the Burlington area on Saturday, please visit our friends at City Hall Park and around Church Street. If there are still raffle tickets available, please buy one or tell a friend. And if you happen to find yourself with a beer in hand later that night, please drink it.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.



marti said...

Hi Court and Sean,

It was fun talking to you the other night on the iChat/video thing!! You both look great. Sean, you're taking such good care of Court. What a sweetie. I was impressed to hear that Courtney can now dress herself and stand by herself. These are huge accomplishments! Stay focused, Court. I know you think progress is terribly slow, but it really isn't. You surpassed everyone's expectations!


Aunt Marti

Sharyn said...

You go girl--from the moment I first laid eyes on you - I knew you were a kindred soul to Caleb and a warrior as well. . We are holding you in our thoughts. As for Sean--I love your bloggin crack me up!! Happy Valentines day to you and yours. Mumsie/ Potter mom