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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meetings and Then More Meetings

Today was Courtney's updated care plan meeting with us, her therapists, case worker, Crotched Mountain reps, Vermont reps, etc. (next time we should hire a band and catering). The first half of the meeting covered Courtney's continued progress since her initial plan was created three months ago.

In speech therapy she's focused on higher learning cognitive tasks like keeping up with current events and researching topics of interests. She's also exercising her voice to project louder and more clearly. Courtney can hold conversations with familiar listeners and is working to have unfamiliar listeners understand her better.

In occupational and physical therapy she is still making great leaps, using an enlarged keyboard to type a few small words, walking up and down stairs faster and fully dressing herself. We've seen the benefits of her having one-on-one attention from therapists, we owe the whole team a debt of gratitude.

While she's made so much progress, the consensus came that she is not fully ready for outpatient therapy quite yet. The hard work she's putting in at the mountain is too valuable to risk losing without a clear plan to move forward, a plan that's still being developed.

The second half of the meeting concerned discharge planning, an issue that seems to grow more complex each day. Her current insurance provider is determined to drop Courtney's coverage as soon as possible, pressuring us to take her funding source into account, not solely her rehabilitation and quality of life.

We've applied through a Vermont provider and they've been very helpful, however being covered means she'll likely be moved to a Vermont facility immediately. The options with the appropriate therapy for Courtney would be in Montpelier, which we have a meeting with on March 7, and Rutland (or Rut Vegas to Court), which Doug toured yesterday and may or may not be in the mix.

Nothing has been set in stone, we are hoping her insurance holds up so Courtney can continue doing what she does best: kicking ass.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the in-depth update, Sean. We really appreciate it, as you know.

Courtney: STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT'S BEST FOR YOU. Some day this will all be in your past.


Aunt Marti

Jay said...

Hi from Belize, Courtney and family and friends,

Hard to believe that our half of the semester here is winding down. Last night Meg and I were talking at dinner about this year's "gang of 18." We decided that while they're a great bunch, regretfully there is no "Courtney" among them. Courtney, you were special to us last year, and we miss having someone with your zest, energy, and appreciation of the experience.

We'll be back in just over a month, and while we'll be sorry to leave this beautiful place, we look forward to re-joining the team.

Courtney, if you're up for a stroll down memory lane, I'll send a link to my photos. Just send an e-mail to

Love to you all,

p.s. Rutland's not all that Montpeculiar for night life.

Julie/mom said...

Jay, thanks for the update "south of the border"! All who know Court, know how much she misses Belize and though snow boarding is fun, it's no scuba diving or volcanoe hunting. She/we would love to see pics of this years adventure.. Please send them to . We look forward to seeing them and more to having you two back up in the north country. At this rate Court may beat you to Burlington!
Much love, Julie/mom

Julie/mom said...

Anne Bradford,
I hope you continue to read this blog from time to time and wish you the best with your daughter. Thank you so much for the information. We much appreciated it! Bless you and your family.

Valerie said...

COURTNEY!!! Your Maine fan club LOOOOVES YOU! We're gearing up for the dinner/auction in your honor next week...even good ol' MVHS shop kids came through w/a handmade wooden canoe of some sort...keep kicking ass up there, we're all thinking about you ALL the time (I know, scary ;) and can't wait to see you again soon! XOXOXO Val & the Mainiac gang :)

Anonymous said...

what dinner and auction ?

Debbie said...

hope that all is on the upswing. we are thinking of you all the time. you are all amazing - courtney, julie, marty, marti, doug! julie - i am so glad you got to spend time with your dad - honestly, sometimes life just sucks. try to keep your spirits up and remember we are here for you. give courtney a hug from me. george and all our extended send their best thoughts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Auction and Dinner @ ELKS Lodge in Rockland, March 7th 5-8pm.