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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter Festival and Fundraising

We raised $1,127 for Courtney. The Winter Festival fundraiser was a success. We would like to thank the CDAE at the University of Vermont, Accent Travel, Summer University, Stone Works, UVM Athletics, and everyone involved with the fundraiser. Cyrus and Ann win the salesman/woman trophy. Thanks again to all those who sold tickets and stood in the cold.

I was there for most of the day, which was perfect for a Winter Festival (take a look at the photos). There were a number of people who had read about Courtney in the Winter Festival Paper, or from the UVM Cycling Trainer Ride in the past couple weeks. That was wonderful to hear as well as all the people who shared stories of themselves or family members who suffered from a disease or illness. These conversations lasted anywhere from 5 seconds to a few minutes, but were very positive. People on the street passing by seemed more willing to donate after we quickly explained Courtney’s situation.

A woman who works at Healthy Living in S. Burlington won the plane ticket. She said she has never won anything like this before and was happy to donate to Courtney’s fund.

We’ll probably start the weekly meetings up again soon. If anyone is interested at hosting the meetings at their house that would be great, let us know. If anybody is interested in taking on an event or setting up a table in Burlington we have the coin buckets and displays for you to use.



Anonymous said...

Jeff and everyone who helped with the Winter Carnival booth for Courtney,
WOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Your efforts and hard work really paid off! Giving up your free time and energy is so appreciated. I know I keep saying the same thing, but I don't know how you all do it! It was a huge success. I would also like to thank everyone who donated to Courtney's cause and came out for the events last Sat.
Congrats to the lucky winner of the plane ticket and everyone else as well. You all are fantastic people and we all will keep you in ours hearts! Again, thank you...
Love, Julie/mom

Anonymous said...

I agree with Julie. I just can't believe what good people you all are. Standing out in that icy cold weather is not fun, but you did it. The world needs more people like you. Thanks to everyone who donated time and/or money, stood out in the freezing cold weather, and helped out in any way. You are all angels.

With Love and Admiration,


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will work better:
Thanks to Leanne for choosing such an excellent and inspiring subject. This is one helluva mother-daughter duo! - Nancy

Lauren said...

Happy Valentines Day Courtney!