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Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally Friday!

Alright, I'm getting ready to turn in for my end to this fabulous friday evening. My day was spent working on a paper for my healthcare management class, with a break at noon to meet with a job developer, who is hopefully "the" person to have when you suffer from extenuating services. Quite frankly, I walked into this appointment, because I've endured 2 years of friendly chats with vocational rehab, as I moaned about yesterday. I received answers which satisfied my doubts, and came home with a definitive "action" plan, and an appointment next week, so with anyluck, I'll soon enough be detailing my days as a person with gainful employment. Well, one can only hope. We came back to the apartment and put in a couple hrs on my paper, I fee like such a slacker, having others type for, I also feel rather exposed speaking my train of thoughts, and then composing a sentence with my piece-meal thoughts. After a couple hrs of that, I got a ride to the gym, where I stumbled upon a spin class. I interrupted the class and started riding. It was fantastic to actually be part of a pysical actity and not be totally self coscious about my ability to participate and keep up with the class. There was also an aerobic portion tat my bala could'nt hndle so I made an idiot of myself gracelessly climbing on and off the bike, and awkwardly trying to handle free weights and do lunges. After a couple reps I tried staying on the bike and prolonginging my aerobic workout. I got home and continued my workout at the gym in my apartment complex. I headed to the tradmill, since I wont be walking outside any ttime soon, with all of the snow and ice. Alright, that's enough of my gripping day. Reading my thought, they are appearing pedestrian, empty, and lacking any depth. Well there's something to work on.

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