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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alright, alright, this is my first entry of the week, and I was focused last week. I definitely suffer from poor time-management skills. In general, this not a newly acquired fault of mine, since my brain injury, it has gone from a mildly annoying trait that people put up with, to a nearly weekly occurrence, that inconveniences health-care professionals, and general acquaintances. I seem to have gained a reputation as the 'typical' medicaid patient, that being someone doesn't particularly care about making an effort to appear at their scheduled appointments. Granted, I do have difficulty with this, I consistently confuse times and dates of app.'s, or show up early or late to activities because I confuse the times and dates of many things. Tonight, for example, I wnt to the water aerobics class, I go to nearly every thursday night at 6:30. For whatever reason, my brain decided it was at 5:30. I got there at 5 and arranged for a ride home around 7. My first inclination that I had misinformation about the times. I was in the pool. I hate that I confuse times so easily, and so often, Oh, the woe's in life.
I spent most of my week working on a paper for my health-care policy class. Such a reli3f to have that finished. More tomorrow about adaptive snowboarding.

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