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Monday, October 29, 2007

Parade Weather

As any good girlfriend does, Courtney has been feigning interest in the Sox epic World Series win last night, but I know she's happy for me (and that I will no longer wax poetic about Jacoby Ellsbury and Jonathan Papelbon). I slept soundly last night, regardless of any baseball score, knowing that Court finally dozed off and got some decent sleep. She's been pain-free at times today as well.

We talked one-on-one for a bit, I tried picking Courtney's brain to pinpoint her last memories prior to the cardiac arrest. While she can conjure up some more recent details, Belize seems to be the last spot she remembers (at a much happier time, before she had to deal with me). This makes perfect sense, rarely did a day go by where she didn't reminisce about the little land next to Mexico. I don't think of this as a clean slate, more like a buried treasure.

We joked about wearing adult diapers and pulling pranks on Mischief Night before Halloween. She likes it when I can read to her, we'll have to find a book that we can both enjoy (any suggestions?).

The mix CDs and audio books have been good entertainment considering Court vision. She talks about seeing light and dark and also the color red, but not being able to make out faces or objects. Her sight is just as much a part of rehab as learning to walk and eat, she hasn't let it faze her and neither will we.

Be strong, look forward to another day. We Love you.



Anonymous said...

Go Sox!

So glad Courtney has been feeling the belly less, but still curious...any findings from the CT? Just a plain old gastritis that has revved up and wound down, or feeding tube run amok?

Inquiring minds and all.

Sorry the medical professional left you stressed; glad the Sox didn't.

Courtney, you are awesome.

A Reader

Sean Cooley said...

The pain does seem to be tied to a hematoma caused by the feeding tube's insertion. The tube is correctly in place, the tissues are just flaring up.

Marti said...

Just one question: Who are the Sox? And why are people talking about them? Just kidding.

I talked to Courtney yesterday and I couldn't believe how good she sounded. Her words were fairly clear and I could understand almost everything she said - quite a change from last week! I'm soooo glad her pain is less now. I'm sure she can't wait to get the feeding tube out. We laughed about my dogs - two shelties and a golden retriever. She's always making fun of the shelties(along with everyone else). I really don't know why. They're extremely cute. In fact, I think Courtney would like a book called "Shelties of the World." I expect to see it on her bed when I arrive in Dec.! Sean - you can get it at any good bookstore.

I agree with "a reader", Courtney, you ARE awesome!! I Love you!

PS I continue to love the blogs. They're so important to everyone.


Meltron said...

Does anyone know if Courtney had her scheduled eye appointment yesterday? And if so, did they have any insight as to what the problem might be? Just curious. Hope all is well in Boston...I was wishing I was there Sunday night, Burlington was a disappointment as far as celebration...

MOM said...

Tues. evening update:
Court did have her eye exam, not what I expected but better than nothing. She does not have glaucoma, thankfully but they think her vision loss is due to the anoxysic brain injury. The only way to know anything for certain is to wait and see and have some kind of eeg of the optic portion of her brain. That would happen down the road sometime, perhaps in a month or so. I am hopeful that since she sees better at some times more that others, she will regain her vision over time. Certain stimulation of her brain and what vision she has is helpful. It’s very frustrating for her and us, needless to say.
On a different note of not so good news, she has developed a strain of staph. infection called “mrsa”, an antibiotic resistant strain of staph. She has been moved to a different room and people must wear yellow gowns and disinfect their hands thoroughly before entering her room. It’s best not to touch her either so no more hugs or kisses until she’s out of this place. This type of infection runs rampant in hospitals and other public places, such as gymnasiums and similar types of environments. We are hopeful she doesn’t develop any complications from this and can get through this without incident.
To end on a positive note, she ate some “real food” of sorts today. It was pureed but we told her it was Shepard’s Pie and she took about five bites before saying” enough!” She then finished up with chocolate ice cream and we are hopeful she will continue with some positive steps towards food tomorrow!
She has received some wonderful gifts from wonderful friends and I’m hopeful she’ll attend a Halloween party tomorrow at the hospital. That remains to be seen.
In closing I would ask that everyone please say a prayer for Court that includes her staying healthy and warding off any infections and that her vision returns to her! I pray for that every night and would love it if you all would as well. Thank you and God bless Courtney and all of you! Amen…

Jennie said...

I do not know Courtney personally, but only from the halls of Spaulding Rehab Hospital. My boyfriend, Caleb, was in a skateboarding accident on July 4th, and has been at Spaulding Rehab recovering from severe brain injuries. He was also put in a coma-like state at first and had a trachea-tube. The reason I am writing a comment on this blog is because I met Courtneys mother and father at SPaulding today, and they are such strong, amazing parents. Caleb's mother has been writing to Courtneys parents before they even came to Boston. It is a great thing when you feel like you have other families going though the same difficult situation, that you can take to, get advice, or just want someone who can truly understand the struggles. The first time I saw Courtney rolling down the hall, I thought that she was a beautiful young girl, who had all the promise in the world. I just read ever blog written on the blog and can relate to all the ups and downs. There is also a blog for my boyfriend, and I think you can all agree, that blogs are so helpful and keep everyone connected. I could not have gotten thru this without our blog.
--p.s. is Sean Courtneys boyfriend? I am having a hard time having the love of my life so hurt and confused, and I would love to be able to talk to someone in the same position, because I havent found anyone yet...if so, maybe we could share our
-jennie smith

Mom said...

Yes Sean is Court's boyfriend. He's usually at Spaulding each afternoon/evening. Stop by her room,first door on the right from the nurse's station in the opposite wing. It was great to meet you yesterday. Thanks for writing on Court's blog.