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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chocolate Ice Cream is Tasty

Hi Everybody,

Some preliminary T-Shirt sketches designed by Cyrus Blais (a.k.a. the taller C-Blaze)

Court's been talkin real good lately and she's had her first taste of chocolate ice cream to go along with a diet of real food. She wants in on any concert we throw in her honor (at yesterday's meeting the name "Benefunk" was proposed for the event, I think it's grown on me). Her physical therapy sounds pretty draining, even small steps tire her out. Our conversation was cut short when I ran over a poorly-placed curb in a gym parking lot, my Taurus appears to be unfazed with only a few scrapes to the undercarriage. If my car kicks the bucket to go along with my computer and television dying, I think I'm just going to go Amish from here on out.

The non-profit fundraising meeting went well last night, we've pushed forward on plans for the concert and promotional materials. You can see some logos and t-shirt designs that Cyrus has come up with, they look pretty damn sharp. I've given permission to a few of the Support For Courtney organizers to post on the blog, so look for a variety of bylines on the site. This will open up the lines of communication, so everyone here to help Courtney can act as a resource.

I'm going to be crossing over the Massachusetts border late tonight, I'll see Court the first chance I can and deliver the hugs and kisses that have accumulated in my inbox.



Anonymous said...

Hello Sean,
I like the T-Shirts, 2X Please. Let me know how much they are. All Great with Courtney, Keep head up and move forwards. Mike LNA

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,
Don't drive and talk on the cell at the same time! Give my best to Courtney.

Gary Flo

Lauren said...

Wednesday evening when I went to visit Courtney I asked her if there was anything I could get for her. I suggested books on CD and she liked that idea. I'm going to go out and buy her some of her favorites, but if anyone has any books on CD that they would be willing to copy and send to Courtney, I know that she would appreciate it for the times when she doesn't have visitors.

mom said...

Hi all,
Court had a rough night last night. She was in a lot of pain around the G-tube sight (where she is fed directly into her stomach). I had to have the Dr. on call come to check her out. She never got any sleep last night and is still in pain big time now (as of 9:30a.m.). We aren't sure what the cause of this pain is and has affected her schedule for today with therapy. She goes to Mass. General at 3:30 today for some cardiac monitoring on the defibrillator. More on that as we find out...

Marti said...

Poor Court. It must be so hard to put up with these constant ups and downs - hard for everyone. Thank God she's in Boston where some of the best hospitals in the world are. I'm sure they'll figure out what's causing the pain and fix it. I'll be thinking about her on a constant basis as I always do. Keep us posted!



Seren said...

Hi Guys, I'm so glad to hear all the incredible planning you are doing to make "support for Courtney" benefits happen in VT. Is there any motion towards a benefit in Maine? I'd be more than happy to participate in planning and actualizing an Event in the Midcoast area. I know the holidays are a tough time for people but maybe it's the best time. Also, I'd like to buy a t-shirt as soon as they're ready :) keep on keeping on!