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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Something Scary in the Air

Court sports a big grin for me outside Spaulding

We couldn't have dreamt up a better day. I came into Spaulding this morning only to see Courtney marching down the hallway during physical therapy. Sure she was in a harness with a couple of aides, but she each step she took was her own, all twenty or so of them. Court's strong enough to stand and keep her head up and she's already told me her next goal is to start running.

Not only were we amazing by Courtney's drive to start walking, but so was our guest of honor, Lisa from Crotched Mountain who spent more than an hour talking with us. The interview process went very well, Lisa had a great impression of Courtney just as we've had a great impression of Crotched Mountain. We're all routing for this to work out so Courtney can start making even bigger strides in New Hampshire. I hear the Cathedral of the Pines is nice this time of year. I'll keep you posted as to any potential moves.

Rachel, our speech therapist at Spaulding, was nice enough to start guiding us through helping Court to eat and drink. We worked on placing a cup of water in her right hand and bringing up to her lips to take tiny sips. We'll eventually do the same for her spoon feeding as well. Her aim isn't quite what it used to be, but she's a good sport about wearing her lunch on her chin until we give her a napkin to wipe it off. Today she was spoon fed a small amount of mashed potatoes, strawberry-banana yogurt and chocolate ice cream. She is still on a diet of liquid meals five times a day, so she was understandably full and also tired from exercising her tongue and mouth muscles.

I guess it was Halloween today too (I thought it was strange that her nurses were dressed as 80's aerobic instructors, witches and Tina Turner). Court wore orange socks with black cats and I dusted off my ugliest orange corduroy pants. We decorated a pumpkin together with magic markers and we talked about costumes of Halloweens past.

It was hard to believe it was late October when we went for our walk this afternoon. We had a beautiful view of the Charles River and the Bunker Hill Bridge, I'll let you see for yourselves.

Let's hope everyday is as bright as today.



Marti said...

I LOVE these pictures of Court!! She looks so beautiful - happy and healthy! Wow. The last time I saw her she was at Fletcher-Allen with a trach in her throat, eyes half opened, not able to talk, not able to walk, couldn't use her arms, unable to eat or swallow and constantly writhing around in her hospital bed. In less than 2 months, she is a different person. Seeing these pictures brings tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for her and everyone who loves her. Keep up your spirit Court!

ash said...

These pictures are amazing- it is so good to see Courtney smiling and just as beautiful as always!! Thanks, these completely brightened up my day! =) Keep up the great work, Court!!


mom said...

Yesterday was a great day for Court and us as well. Last night she slept right through the night without the help of pain killers or tranquilizers! Hoorah for Courtney. Here's to another good day......Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being answered!! What a thrill to see Courtney looking so beautiful! I am so encouraged by the photos and the report of how much she is improving. Her spirit and drive are unbeatable. Ed and I know that she WILL win!

Love to all, Sue (TX Cousin)

Meaghan said...

Hi Courtney!

Was it the Lightgate you were using to walk? Seems like you are making amazing progress! I bet it feels really good to start getting real food into your body. Can't wait to see you at the Crotch! Maybe you can convince Mike to use the lightgate!

~Meaghan Milmoe

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness Courtney! Wow! You look fabulous! Andd....they're letting you wear clothes! That must be a nice. Hehe. Anyway, Megan and I were thinking about heading up to Boston this Saturday to see you, if that's cool? Julie, Doug...that ok to you? Let me know! I can't wait to spend some time with you Court. I promise not to forget the phish food ice cream I promised you on the phone the other night :)

Valerie said...

lovely pictures! but of course thats easy when one has such lovely subject matter ;)

courtney i can't wait to see you again soon!
xoxoxo val

Anonymous said...

Looking good Court! Keep up the good work!

Sharyn said...

Hi - this is mumsie from Caleb's blog. I have been blessed to be in the presence of Courtney's beautiful energy here at Spaulding..I want to wish her and her lovely family the best - the very best on their healing journey. I have become so fond of all of them and look forward to being re-united somewhere down the road where we can look back at this and toast to our wonderful son and daughter. much love, Sharyn

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see the photos of Courtney! I almost thought the first one was of her before the event...... Wow! Another huge improvement from seeing her only 2 weeks ago......
Nice sunglasses! ;-)

Love, Patricia