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Friday, October 12, 2007

A Poem from Mike

Here is some prose sent in from our friend Mike, a nursing assistant back in Fletcher Allen. Julie describes him as "one of the most concerned, caring people" at the hospital, he even came to Baird 4 to see her the first night she switched out of the ICU.


I will cherish each moment of my life.
I will value this gift bestowed upon me.
In this world I will overcome what barriers there may be,
which hinder my quest for growth and self-improvement.
I will take life one day at a time, one step at a time.
I walk with renewed faith.
I believe there is hope.
In every change that I experience in life,
there will be times when I wonder if I can endure.
But I learn that by facing each difficulty one by one.
It's when I don't deal with a situation,
that it sometimes comes back to confront me again.
Changes are sometimes very painful,
but they teach us that we can endure and that we can become stronger.

-Mike, CNA, M4 ICU, 9/29/07


Martha Conway-Cole said...

I talked to Courtney on the phone last night and I must admit I sounded more unclear than she did because I was so overcome to hear her speak. Its great to hear her say "Hi" and "I love you." Our last conversation before that was on 9/9. I am happy to recall that it was a pep-talk from me telling her all her great qualities and accomplishments because she was going to a job interview. Great poem from Mike! I remember your kindness and concern also, Mike. Thank you ever so much.
This week's New Yorker has a very important and interesting article on recent research on brain injury."The Silent Brain" is the title. I wish I had had it 3 weeks ago when I was reading some scary Neuropsychology journal article instead. Everybody should read it. I am sending it to some people in Fletcher Allen ICU.
Love you Courtney! Its great to have you back to talk with. . .See you soon. The monkeys will be coming to visit too!! Be ready.
Love Martha Conway-Cole

Marti said...

What a touching, beautiful poem. Thank you for making my day! And thank you for your great support for Courtney.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,
Thank you for your kind words. I hole Courtney doing well. There are times when we have a PT come to the unit and become family. And we like to know how they do after they leave. So thanks you Sean,IF YOU COULD SEND WE A E-MAIL WITH A UP DATE ON COURTNEY, I can post it up to let eveeryone know how she doing. Take car Courtney and have to tell you something you realy need to know. Sean Is A KEEPER. Bye for now Mike LNA

Nancy said...

That is a wonderful poem, Mike. It is very special indeed that you sat down and came up with those meaningful words. You are obviously a caring person with a special understanding of a person in need of spiritual guidance and hope. I had a chance to meet you at the hospital although I'm sure I'm just another face in a crowd of visitors. Courtney's family spoke highly of your kindness. Thank you!!

Marti said...


Thank you for your beautiful and touching poem. You are wonderful.