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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sleepless Nights

Hi Everybody,

Court has been having a tough time sleeping over the past four nights, her stomach pain is still the culprit. I stayed with her until midnight and felt pretty helpless as she made countless attempts to doze off only to jerk awake because of the sharp pain. Court was taken back to Massachusetts General Hospital (she had an x-ray on Friday), this time for blood work and a CAT scan to find the problem. The news we've received is that the source of pain could be a hematoma, a deep muscle bruise in her stomach from the feeding tube.

It is puzzling and painful knowing there is no easing Court's pain, we ran through several medications to numb it, but they had little or no effect and she just can't get comfortable in bed. It's particularly frustrating that this is happening on a weekend and that our doctors aren't there to respond. Not that this is an indictment on the entire profession, we owe our lives to doctors and nurses, but how has it come to be viewed as a 5-days-a-week job? Why are the qualifications to work on Saturday and Sunday different?

I wish this roller coaster ride less bumpy and that Court could continue on the fast track to recovery without any setbacks. One remedy that has helped her through any ailment has been the love of her family and friends, they make her laugh and maybe that helps put the pain on hold for a little while.

We celebrated Halloween a few days early yesterday afternoon as Courtney's friends from Burlington and back home in Maine paid a visit. We crowded around her hospital bed and she was the star of the show, smiling at the sound of each new voice and happy to play along in her costume, a cheetah trimmed Viking hat (I'll be looking to see those pictures soon, by the way).

We'll continue to try our best to make rehab as pain-free as possible, we'll keep you posted.



Marti said...

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to see Courtney in pain and not really be able to do anything about it. I really wish I could be there. I'm sure laughing with her friends just makes her day!

I looked at the Crotched Mt. site. It seems perfect for Courtney. Let's hope this progress quickly in order to get her in there.

Keep up your fighting spirit, Court. Even though things are miserable right now, you continue to make progress every day. Please, please don't forget that. Even the small steps are huge.

Anonymous said...


I'm sending you pain free thoughts. I hope you feel better so you can sleep!


Anonymous said...

I have had a hematoma after abdominal surgery & it was very painful! Poor addition to everything else she is dealing with. The good news is that it will go away in time. I think mine took about 10 days. It's hard to believe that they can't do anything & it's so frustrating! Good thing it is Monday & the regular staff will be there.
I'm thinking of Courtney & all of you constantly & sending love & prayers.....

Elizabeth said...

Hey guuuuys! Liz here. I'm sitting at work right now, thinking about how much I miss seeing Courtney every day and her beautiful family. All of my love to all of you, and I'm sure your warm faces in the room help ease Courtney's pain. Keep your spirits high Court. Don't put those gloves down for a second. The pain will be gone in no time! LOVE you!!!

Meltron said...

it was sooooooo awesome to see Courtney over the weekend...her smiles and laughs brightened up my weekend! we spent hours in her room with our costumes and hers, watched her slice Sean with her plastic sword, and took pictures with her doing the classic "metal horns". It was VERY impressive to see how far she has come since leaving B-town, her speech is amazing and her wit is even better. I'm so glad she's still the Courtney we all know and love :)

Marti said...


I agree, the old Court is still there! Also, could you email me some of those pictures or post them on the blog (with Courtney's permission, of course). Julie has my email address.

I'm so glad you and others made the trip down to see Courtney. I know it means the world to her. I think it's a big part of why she's recuperating so well. You guys are awesome - in fact, you're "wicked" awesome!