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Thursday, October 18, 2007

10/19 Update and Photos (15)

Hi Everybody,

Photos from Liz Haag

I got a chance to speak to Court last night via cellular phone (thanks to Doug for propping it up for her). She sounds even better and is a little more engaged than the last time we talked. I told to expect a small caravan to visit for Halloween and help her with her costume. "Oh God" she says, maybe that means leaving the caution tape at home this year (or maybe that means extra caution tape). I'll usually ask Court about her daily activities and she still finds it hard to piece together memories, this fading in and out is a side-effect of the drug treatment. She's off of Topamax now, but still on Keppra, an anti-epileptic drug that prevents a range of seizures.

It was nice to hear from her, I've had a piece missing over the past few days. I'm trying to wrap up everything in Burlington by Thursday, but it hasn't been easy - packing, training replacements at work, working on the Non-Profit and I haven't even started planning for my next job in Boston, which doesn't exist yet. At least the Sox are putting up a fight in the ALCS, I told Courtney that we'd have to go see a game at Fenway Park sometime. Ally helped compile a short list of "must-see" attractions for us while we're in Boston, which does not include the Freedom Trail.

Here are a few photos from UVM's Outing Club sent in by Liz. I'll try to post over the weekend if my laptop isn't still shot to shit (thanks a lot Dell).



mom said...

Hi all,
First of all, great pics, thanks to Liz and outing club members!
Second, I spent the night with Court again last night because we were somewhat concerned about her complaining of a pin prick sensation in her chest. They did and EKG on her and it checked out fine. I however, felt the need to stay and watch over her. As she begins her emergence from the last of the anti-seizure drugs, she also comes to realize just what has happened to her. Her very
short term memory is pretty bad but that’s to be expected and will improve. She kept asking what happened to her today and was very upset about her condition. It’s like just waking up again and again. She did a lot of soul searching I’m sure. I will stay with her again tonight because they are trying a new sleep aid drug on her and I want to make sure she tolerates it. Last night wasn’t a good one so that’s why they are trying something different. I believe it’s called seraquil or something like that. I hope it agrees with her.
This weekend will be a busy one with lots of her friends (and mine) coming. Marcia and Derek from NYC and Patricia and her daughter Amy from Camden and San Diego respectively along with a host of others. Sean will be coming in late Fri. or early Sat. morning. I just want to say that Court loves having visitors. It’s what really makes her day and her smile. In view of last nights’ occurrence they are going to only let one person in at a time to visit for this weekend at the least. Too much stimulation has Court getting confused and agitated and she begins to have tremors that get worse when too many things happen at once. Please be respectful of this until her brain re-organizes and can handle more commotion. With that in mind I hope to see a lot of you this weekend or whenever you can make it!
Much love, Julie

marti said...

Julie (Mom),
Thanks so much for writing in these updates. I hate being this far away so it really helps me (and others) feel more connected. I'm sorry last night was a difficult one for you and Court. I sounds like the hospital is well aware of what's going on with her though. I'm sure she'll go through lots of ups and downs emotionally and physically as will we all. Thank God for all the fantastic support from friends and family. We'll all stick together to help Court get through this! We're like one giant family. It's so reassuring to have everyone around.

Take care of yourself and get some sleep! You're doing an outstanding job in the very toughest of circumstances. Everyone is so impressed with you.

Have a fun weekend with the troops!

Much love,


Nancy said...

Hi Courtney, Julie, Marty, Doug, and all others from hither & yon! I think of you all the time. All my daily tasks seem so tiny compared to the BIG steps that Courtney makes each day. I eagerly read each day's update on the blog and its nice to hear so much from you, Julie. Your writing is like listening to you speak and it makes me feel connected. Love to you all.

Anonymous said...

Still following the blog everyday. Sorry I can't be there to visit more often. Sending Courtney healing wishes.

Gary Flo

Anonymous said...

Mike (re. your message in the last blog update)

Thats great that you want to play!
If you are really interested give Julie your contact info and we'll fill you in on the concert details. We still have to solidify a date and venue (I believe) and make a list of participating bands for the venue. If you can do that by tomorrow night that would be helpful for our S.F.C. meeting this Wednesday.

Thanks so much and we are thinking of both Courtney and your wife.


Lauren said...


I was hoping you could let Courtney know that I've been planning on visiting her at the end of last week and this week, but I've been feeling a little under the weather, and the last thing I would want to do would be to get Courtney sick. Please let her know that I miss her, I love her, and I'll be over to visit as soon as I'm feeling 110%. Hope you're doing okay. Thanks so much.


Valerie said...

curious minds want to know...
what's going on in Boston?
how is our girl?

my love to you courtney!


Anonymous said...

Courtney, I'm thinking about you everyday. I continue to be so amazed at your progress and wish I could see it for myself. Hopefully I can make a trip down to Boston at some point to see you! Thank you everyone contributing to the blog. I love knowing what's going on.
Best wishes,


mom said...

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the lapse in communications. I have been staying at the hospital every night (Yea). Yes, I am getting a sore back from the so-called recliner I sleep in but compared to the alternatives of letting Court sleep alone, I am thrilled! Spaulding has been very understanding about my staying over thus far. They are giving me until this Sun. night….we’ll see how that goes.
Now for Court’s progress: she is becoming stronger every day. She can sit up straight for 5 mins. or more at times. She stands up by herself for wheelchair transfers with someone spotting her. That takes lots of strength! Her head and neck are very strong. She is trying to hone her skills on hand/arm coordination. Today she is getting chocolate ice cream for the 1st time! She also ate some yogurt and applesauce so by the end of this week she may be able to have a semi soft diet….keep our collective fingers crossed! As for her smile, it remains gorgeous! It continues to light up the room!
I look forward to visitors this weekend. We may have to do shifts but that’s no problem!
Amber, bring a Halloween costume for Court please. I/we can’t think of anything else.
Sam, sorry to not have gotten back to you: I think Nov. 11th ( ?) is fine for the Belize group but I would like you to call again when the time comes closer. I’ll try to call you back sometime before that if I can.
Please say a collective prayer for Court’s eyesight. We will have her checked out soon; I think her appt. is Mon. That’s where we all need to concentrate our healing energies now!
Thank you all,
Much love, Julie

Debbie said...

Julie - I am so glad we had our talk today - You are so strong and Courtney is so lucky to have you there protecting her interests. Try to get some rest yourself - and Marty too - you are both amazing. Give Court a big hug for me and tell her Nick sends his love also. He checks her blog daily. Enjoy some ice cream yourself and feel the love coming from the Seaver household.
George sends his good energy to all three of you -

mom said...

Consider it done! Please feel better soon!!!
Love, Julie