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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fundraiser Meeting Today

Hi Everybody,

Just another reminder that we are meeting at Morrill Hall on University Place to talk fundraising at 5:30 today. If anyone is enterprising enough to bring a pizza or two by, I'll definitely chip in on the cost. I think the agenda today will be narrowing our focus from the brainstorm last week and divvying up responsibilities. Hope to see you there.



Marti said...

Good luck with the meeting today, Sean. I hope you get a good turnout. I sure wish I could be there. Let me know if I can do anything from here.

PS Sorry about the Red Sox.

mom said...

Courtney slept very well last night! She didn’t have to ask for anything altho’ she did have some Tylenol before bedtime. The nurses and aids seemed to check in on her almost every hour it seemed so that’s comforting. The weekends are another story however. They seem understaffed on the weekends and that’s when I worry the most.
On a lighter note: we had a meeting today with our case manager and he said it now looks like Court could be out of here in a month or so! What wonderful news. She will still have to go to another rehab facility, just one that’s not so acutely managed, medically speaking. We are looking into a couple of skilled nursing rehabs, one in Kennebunk and one in Greenfield, N.H. I believe.
Today in therapy, Court did really well. She is now holding her head up most of the time and sat up on a mat and supported herself for a short time. She also was able to pick up some cones. We took her outside for another stroll around the beautiful park along the Charles River. It was warm in the sunshine with not much breeze! She wanted to stay out for about a half an hour or more and did very well!
Her vision has been affected, they aren’t sure how much. She definitely has trouble seeing things at times. Our girl has come a long way and although she still has a long way to go, we are thrilled with how fast her progress is going! You go girl, you ROCK!!
Love to all,

Hollis & Sara said...

We are thrilled with Court's progress. Hope fundraising also is a success. Please give her our love.

PS As we know, miracles happen. The Red Sox aren't out of it yet!

Blake said...

So, I am slightly out of the loop on a thing or two. One, who can I write the check, and what would the address be that i send it to? The other question, is courtney's family staying in Boston in a hotel, with family etc.