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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Support For Courtney Fund is Now Open

Hi Everybody,

A photo illustration of Court, I plan on using it for a new intro to the site

The reports from Julie tonight are very positive, I can't believe how far Courtney's come and that we're already talking about next steps after Boston. Since I'm back up in Burlington for the time being, reading the commentary to these posts gives even more insight into her daily progress.

The fundraising meeting went really well tonight, it's encouraging to have new faces (again, everyone is welcome at next Wednesday's meeting at 5:30 in Morrill Hall). The big news part 1: We've now established a non-profit fund called Support For Courtney, so those for of you who've been chomping at the bit to send in a check, feel free to make it out to "Support For Courtney" and mail here:

Dudley H. Davis Center
University of Vermont
590 Main Street
Burlington, VT 05402

I'll also add the address to the side rail above the Boston hospital address, an online donation form through Paypal is also in the works as well.

To our first donors I would like to let you know that in addition to having money to pay off Courtney's medical bills, we also are in need of a fundraising budget. If potential donors could chime in on this: I'd like to use the first $1,000 we raise as the budget for Support For Courtney's which would be used, frugally, to cover our promotional costs (along the lines of posters, stickers, fliers, T-shirts, etc.). Every penny thereafter will go into a savings account to cover Courtney's medical expenses, as advertised. Does this sound reasonable?

The big news part 2: We are looking at planning one main fundraiser each season and for this fall we are planning a concert, what do you guys think of calling it the inaugural Show of Support (a lame concert name based on our lame web site name)? Thus far we're in the beginning stages and in case anyone out there has any connections we will need the basics:

A venue - ideally Higher Ground or Nectar's, there's access to the Davis Center as well.

A band(s) and crew - we've had responses from close friends of Court who are in bands, if anyone else wants to throw their hat in the ring let us know (and if anyone knows Snoop Dogg, let him know what we're up to, maybe we could pay him by the pound). We're also going to need people to hand out fliers or take collections at the concert.

A date and time - looking at early to mid-December, in between the college's Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Likely on a Thursday, the 6th/13th or Sunday night, the 9th/16th. Does one date work better than the others?

We'll look to spread the word via media and the Web site, we also have folks working on designs for posters, T-shirts and collection jars. And as always, we are open to new ideas. The structure of the non-profit is shaping up and I feel we have a strong foundation. To have such active participation for a cause that isn't even two months old says a lot about the character of Court's friends.

We miss you Court, just keep doing your thing, you're the one who's really leading the way



Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

I can't believe you got this all together in a little over a week! I'll spread the word to my friends, too....

Patricia McD

Marti said...


Wow. I agree with Patricia. Something like this takes a lot of time and effort and attention to detail. You seem to have covered it all! Courtney's friends and family from the West can't wait to contribute.

Thank you AGAIN for everything you're doing. We love you!

Elizabeth said...

Sean, this all sounds phenomenal! I would love to come to the next meeting :) Work has been keeping me from the others. I think the concert idea is a fabulous one....I'm thinking maybe an 80's night as well??! Who's with me! I also have some more photos to send your way :)

Thanks for keeping us all inspired to do bigger and better things for Courtney!

~Liz Haag

Meltron said...

I would love to hand out fliers/post them on campus/collect money at the concert! We'll figure it out when it gets closer, and I'm sure I'll be at the meetings.

Also, I had the distinct honor of talking to miss Courtney on the phone last night!! It was amazing, she clearly answered all questions I asked her...and I promised her a carved pumpkin upon my upcoming visit. Speech therapy seems to be going well!!

Lauren said...

Hey Sean,
Courtney is indeed doing well. After visiting with her last Tuesday night, I have no doubt in my mind that the very same Courtney we know and love is there. She still has her sense of humor and has no problem making jokes at my expense and pointing out to me when I'm being, well, not the sharpest tool in the shed. She's very anxious about walking again and proved to me that she still has a ton of strength in her legs. She's really doing great.
As far as the concert goes, I think it's a great idea, but Saturday might be better for people who will be coming in from out of town. Thanks for putting all of this together.


mike said...

I'd like to throw my band IAMYOUARE into the ring, with my wife being a roomie to Court any way that we can help would be good