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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10/10 In Boston Safely and 'Thank You' to Fletcher Allen

Hi Everybody,

Photo from Pamela Eckelbarger

Courtney hit the road today and made it Boston without a hitch, she is now safely in her Stryker bed at Spaulding. I met up with her this morning to wish her a safe trip and we got to say goodbye (for now) to each other.

We can't get her to stop talking these days since the respiratory therapists placed the speaking valve over her trache tube (it allows her to manipulate the air flow, kind of like playing the kazoo). She readily greets her parents and friends, saying 'hi' and acknowledging them by name. Courtney understood nearly every question we asked and her responses, while feint, went something like this:

She feels fine, her main source of pain comes from the trache tube (one priority at Spaulding is downsizing and then removing the tube).

She understands she's in a hospital and knows that it was a heart attack that landed her there.

She looks forward to going to Boston and wants to get out of bed and move around.

She's maintained a great sense of humor, even showing off her Mainer accent to make us laugh (it should stand out from the array of Boston accents we're in store for).

I'm anxious to head to Boston and see Courtney and her family again. We're still going to hold down fort in Burlington, we had an extremely productive fundraising meeting this afternoon (the next meeting is Wednesday 5:30 in Morrill Hall, open to everyone) and we'll be doing outreach in the near future. Even though Courtney has left our sight at Fletcher Allen, we can't let her leave our hearts. Our fundraising efforts will be the best opportunity we have to help.

Thank you to the incredible staff at Fletcher Allen hospital, for those still following Courtney's recovery, you have given her a priceless gift. We could not have placed her health in more caring hands and every nurse, doctor, therapist, social worker and staff member carried themselves with professionalism and love. I'll remember the small touches like nurses introducing themselves and answering questions no matter the hour, placing Mow Mow back under Courtney's arm after an exam and allowing a small army of visitors and interior decoration into her room. I'm sure Courtney has been a very special patient and you've allowed me to continue telling her story, for that I am truly grateful.

Goodnight Courtney, we're thinking about you and praying everyday.



Lauren said...

I'm so glad that Courtney has made it to Boston just fine. I can't wait to visit her. I was wondering if anyone knew of the visiting situation there. I'm sure today was a super busy day for her, but I would love to go visit her as soon as I can.


Jose said...

Courtney i hope you get better this is Jose from Ms.Deanguera's class at PCDS she is a very good teacher im just hoping and praying that she gets better so come on courtney you can do it we all know you can were counting on you we all hope you get better courtney.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news, Sean! I can hear your breathlessness at her progress! The fact that she comprehends what happened and why she is there and that she recognizes all of friends and loved one is a MIRACLE!!! Go, Courtney, go! Sean, I also noticed that for the first time, you ended your entry differenly. She's back. :-)

Anonymous said...


mom said...

to all visitors coming to see Court at Spaulding: the hours are from 1:00p.m.-8:00p.m.-M-F, 11:00a.m.-8:00p.m.-S,S,and holidays. I don't know how strict they are about the hours but only four at a time. The rooms are very small and she now has a room mate so we must be respectful of her. I can't wait for people to come and visit. It feels very different and somewhat lonely here but we are all encouraged and enthusiastic by what we see. Let the games, I mean rehab begin!! Look out Spaulding, Courtney's coming through!

mom said...

Spaulding's address:
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hosp.
125 Nashua St.
Boston,MA. 02114
Courtney is on the 8th floor, room# 826.
Parking is $5.00 a day,come and go as many times a day for the same money. It's right off Storrow Dr. You can google or map quest it for directions. Julie

Anonymous said...

Good luck in Boston Court! So glad that you're doing better. Get well soon!

Stacey & Holly Y

Anonymous said...

Very glad you made it safe to Boston. Hard work is ahead of you. But your support you have will make the trip alot of fun as well. Keep your head up and keep smilling. Thank you Sean.
Mike M4ICU

Marti said...

Well, the next chapter of Courtney's recovery has begun! I loved reading Sean's account of Court's responses and acknowledgments of what happened to her. It must feel somewhat lonely without Courtney at Fletcher-Allen. I know she made quite an impression on everyone there. I also would like to thank the incredible staff at F.A. Hospital. I was so impressed with the patience and love that everyone demonstrated and of course, the amazing care she received. Every detail was attended to including helping all of us to understand what was going on with all of the tubes, medications, lines, injections, etc. Everyone was quite impressed with the high level of competency and skill at Fletcher-Allen. Thank you for helping Courtney on her road to recovery.

Stay strong, Court! You are on my mind constantly. I'm so proud of you.



Martha Conway-Cole said...

For all those who know about how much coffee Doug drinks per day. . . You will be unsurprised that one of Courtney's first comments to him was "Dad, your breath stinks!"
Its great to have my ally in verbal war games back to talking. She has always been such a support to me in critique of the "rulemaker" we love so much.
Thank you to Courtney's nurses and Drs. Thank you to her friends who held our hands, hugged us, ate with us, brought us outrageous treats from Great Harvest, vast amounts of coffee and even opened some beers for me. Can't wait to see you in Boston! Marti, look what Science has done for us!
Love, Martha

ngoodale said...

Hi courtney, Every Morning i see you sitting on the side of your hospital bed. I see you well. Alive and vibrant. Your pictures come alive in my meditation each morning. i Love you Lily Maine

Anonymous said...

Yeah! It's all so wonderful... Onto the next stop of the journey. I'm not acquainted with Courtney, I work with Sean two days a week, but I can feel all the love that you all have brought together. A very important part of healing is having that love exist, and to be felt by Courtney and all her supporters!!
Carry on in Boston, thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news! So glad to hear of Courtney's progress and that she made it to Boston. All of you continue to be in our prayers.

Debbie & Damon

Anonymous said...

Ed and I are so thrilled with the progress that you have made Courtney and we look forward to each day and learning of your progress in Boston. You and your family and staff at Spaulding will never be out of our thoughts and prayers.

Much love to you,
Sue and Ed

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that it was a safe trip. I will be there tomorrow evening after work. I have no idea what time I'll get there, but it'll be before 8. Or at least I hope it'll be before 8, I have to pass through Kenmore go get to Spaulding. I would be there tonight, but I have class. I'll see you soon!
love, allie

Valerie said...

hooray!!! i'm so glad to hear that courtney is safe in boston and doing so well. i can't wait to come see her! i'll try to come as soon as i can. court, keep it up woman! i love you so much and can't wait to see you :)
love, val

ps-julie, i'll give you a call soon, i want to hear all the news first hand! xo, val

Anonymous said...

Sean, Thanks for posting my picture of Court and "Petey" along with this wonderful news. As I mentioned in my email, they made a perfect pair, two adveturesome spirits who loved to gallop fast and jump high. This current hurdle is her biggest but no doubt she will get over it! Court's recovery is not only amazing but inspiring and I am confident that I will see her "back in the saddle" soon! Thank you for being there for her, her family and for us.

Julie, Sending you many great big virtual hugs!! Let us know if we can help with anything here at the home front. Much love, Pam

emily said...

Go Courtney!