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Thursday, October 11, 2007

10/11 Headed Down

Hi Everybody,

I'm taking off from the little city and headed for the big city. There might not be a readily accessible Internet source at Spaulding, so don't be alarmed if there's a delay in posts.



Marti said...


Best of luck in Beantown. Julie and I have lots of places to stay if the one with your friend doesn't work out at some point. Let us know if we can help you in any way!

Go D-Backs.


Lauren said...

You're always welcome at my house too Sean. :) I'd be glad to have you.


Sean Cooley said...
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Josh said...

Today has been a great day in Boston. Spaulding facilitators have hit the ground running. Court passed the talking valve test and the blue die swallowing test. It looked like she had just had some purple slurpie or blueberry wine.
She has had Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. After PT she wanted to go for a walk but settled for so leg exercises in her bed.
They have reduced the size of the tracea valve in a process know as going going gone.
When awake she is very active and starting to mouth many words.
Dad dressed her for the track today, not fashionably however. T-shirt is a purple Maine and the sweats are black Vermont.
When asked where she is she said Massachusetts, I was very impressed. She recognized me and continually tried to kick me out of the bed. I deserved it since I was tickling her feet. I am headed home tonight but will be back Saturday. Hopefully Sean will be able to access the blog and keep the critical info flowing. Keep the positive vibes coming.

Anonymous said...

To all,
I was in Boston yesterday and stopped in at Spaulding to see Courtney and Caleb. My two young friends are on the same hall about 5 rooms apart!

I can't tell you how great Courtney is doing. I have been going to see her about every 5-6 days and this was the most improvement I have seen. While the staff was working her legs and her body she was fully aware and responding to people talking to her. She can't talk well with the tube in her throat but she mouths the answers to questions and she definitely knows who she is talking to, and says hello and goodbye normally. I was overjoyed to see her getting better! My heart soars like a hawk.

My best wishes to Courtney and her family for continued improvement.

Gary Flo

Meltron said...

I miss Courtballz here at UVM!!! I'm so used to seeing her nearly every day...but I am soooo excited for her new opportunity at Spaulding! I know she will progress with leaps and bounds with all that attention :)
I am very much looking forward to a near-future roadtrip to visit, maybe within the next couple of weeks with Amber! Until then, I will of course keep praying and check the blog. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meltron!

I hope to see you, Amber and anyone else in Boston in Dec. when I come to visit! I miss you all and continue to be inspired by your support!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meltron!

I hope to see you, Amber and anyone else in Boston in Dec. when I come to visit! I miss you all and continue to be inspired by your support!

Marti said...

Hi Meltron,

I miss you and everyone else! I'm coming into Boston for a visit from Dec.23rd to Jan.1st so I hope to see you all in Boston!

You, Amber and everyone of Courtney's friends are such a huge part of Court's success in her recovery! It has really made a difference.

goddessofmusic said...

Please write where and to whom to send funds. Love to Courtney from her Midsummer Night's Dream Fringe Festival buddies.