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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10/15 Standing is Hard Work

Hi Everybody,

I spent the morning with Court before heading back up to Burlington today. She was in good spirits even though she's been battling nausea lately, possibly from a combination of coming off of drugs and being fed larger liquid meals.

We sat in on Courtney's physical therapy session where she was able to stand for a few minutes with the aid of some straps and padding. Its frustrating that her body still betrays her in small ways, its hard to keep her head up and stay coordinated. Courtney says she wants to be able to do more in therapy, but each session lasts a little longer and is a different challenge.

Before I left Spaulding I serenaded Court with some Iron Maiden, I figure Karaoke could be considered speech therapy. She laughs and humors me by saying I'm a good singer.

I'm looking forward to returning to Boston, I now know my way around a little better (apparently Spaulding is located next to the Bunker Hill Bridge, nobody calls it the Zakim, and the Garden, not the corporately-dubbed Fleet Center).

Goodnight Court, I'll hit you up on the cell tomorrow



Marti said...

As everyone knows, Courtney has amazing strength. I'm sure she's frustrated at not being able to get up and go, but she'll learn to do it her way! Every day I talk with her, her speech seems to be clearer and clearer.

Keep us posted on the fundraiser stuff, Sean. I guess I have to say Go Red Sox, now that the D-Backs are out of the running. Hopefully, the red sox will come through!


mom said...

Just so everyone understands my concern for Court's well-being at the rehab, she cannot push a call button or talk loud enough for anyone in the hall to hear her. If she needs anything at all she must wait about 2 hours if she was just checked on, sometimes more. If she vomits and is on her back like she is all the time,she could aspirate that and choke to death. Until she can push a button to call someone,I think someone should stay with her. If she's in pain, the same situation....2-3 hours could go by and that's not good..I spoke with Spaulding today and they are letting me stay 2 more nights. If she does well after that I cannot stay. I guess I'll have to trust that they will check on her often, but I know better...I've been there since Thurs. night.
To end on a positive note, she had a really good night last night and only was awake for about an hour and half...and only needed tylenol once during the night! AMEN!

Valerie said...

i can't believe how much is happening, seemingly so fast!! Sean, the press release looks great. i was thinking about how that might be a good idea and then suddenly, you've already got it done! I'm so impressed, I can't believe how quickly and efficiently you are getting the fundraising plans on the road. It's been too long since I've seen Court and I'm dying to hear her talk, so I'll try to sneak down one of these evenings after work. I can't wait to see you, Court!
Much love,

Valerie said...
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Valerie said...

trying again on the 2nd post...
Hi Julie!
I hope that you and the Spaulding staff come to an agreement that works for you both. Hopefully Court will get onto the nighttime sleeping schedule (like most normal people! ;) and you will be able to feel alright about leaving her. If not, I can't imagine that anyone could tell you NOT to do something that you are determined to do...moms know best! I miss you and I can't wait to see you again soon,
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell Julie! Make them do the right thing.

Gary Flo

Anonymous said...

I think they have a touch pad to call for help. Ask them for Courtney can use it. This will allowed Courtney to move her head to the side it on,and the call bell will come on.Just by the touch. Mike M4ICU

Doug/Dad said...

It's Wednesday am. Lauren and Jessica came to visit last night, almost had Court in distress with laughter! She had a very good day. In PT, she was sitting with back and stomach exercises. She did fantastic. In speech, she drank water chewed ice, and had some applesauce! More to come...