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Sunday, October 14, 2007

10/14 Traipsing Outside

Hi Everybody,

Photo from Doug Blasius

Here's a glimpse of Courtney's most recent visit outside of Spaulding along with her mom, she's going incognito with the hat and sunglasses. We hope to bring her out again sometime today, the weather's so nice we ought to have a kite.



Marti said...

What a great picture! Court must love getting out in the sunshine. She looks so cute in her baseball cap and sunglasses.

Thanks for the picture!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the picture of Courtney. Like Marti, I'm sure that it feels good for her to get outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

Love, Sue and Ed

Doug/Dad said...

This picture was from my cellphone about 930 am. It was still a bit chilly, hence the blanket. Tsuni can to visit too. Lots of visitors/friends today. We love everybody coming. Sunday is Court's "day off". Court will have a busy week next week.

Thank you for all your love, best wishes, and prayers.

Anonymous said...

The sun is the best source of energy and healing. Great picture.

Courtney, I'm glad to hear you are in MA and working hard at getting better. I'm in Western-MA these days-- I will come visit you at Spaulding soon.

Lots of love!
Alison B.

Anonymous said...

Looking GREAT Courtney, Keep up the good work. Mike