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Sunday, October 14, 2007

10/14 Putting Together the Foundation and Press Materials

Hi Everybody,

Courtney is rocking
out in her johnnie, watching a little television before bedtime. She's had a pretty low key day, mostly chatting and kicking me about the neck and face (its a good thing she's such a sweetheart).

I've caught a few hours to type up a sample press release for the fund we are starting for Courtney's medical bills. I've already had some great feedback, but I'd also like to let her core audience see it before it goes out to the public. I'm hoping to get the press release out to Vermont and Maine news outlets next week along with a headshot of Courtney and a logo for the foundation. I plan to post the finished media materials on the site if anyone wants to copy them into an e-mail or letter of their own.

You'll notice that the release jumps ahead in two respects: Courtney's not eating real food as of yet but (knock on wood) its the next step once her trache is out Monday and I also mention that donations can be made to her fund (its nearly all set up). Aside from that, you can picture this running as a letter to the editor or sparking a reporter to jump on the story:

Dear (Editor’s Name)

I’m writing to you today to tell you about my girlfriend Courtney Blasius, a member of your community who’s in the hospital and needs help.

Courtney, 23, a member of UVM’s class of 2007, suffered an unpredictable cardiac arrest in her Burlington apartment on September 12, 2007. I called 911 and paramedics rushed her to the emergency room where doctors brought her back to life after her heart stopped beating for minutes.

Courtney spent three weeks in intensive care at Fletcher Allen Health Care , her brain was severely damaged from a lack of oxygen during the cardiac arrest. She had fallen into a coma, only steps away from a vegetative state and not even the doctors knew if she could ever recover.

Thanks to a tireless medical staff and the love of her family and friends, Courtney has made tremendous strides toward returning to her old self. She has since moved to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston and she is now able to talk, eat basic foods and move her legs and arms.

While Courtney’s health is priceless to us, health care will only cover a portion of the treatments she will need over the next two years, treatments that could cost nearly $1,000 a session. Without your help, Courtney may not receive the therapy she needs. Our inability to cover mounting medical bills could cost her a chance to bike again like she had with UVM’s cycling team or ride her favorite horse Tao back home in Maine.

I am making an appeal to the residents of Courtney’s adoptive state of Vermont to help her continue this miracle journey. We may never know the reason for Courtney’s heart attack, but we hope to one day know the reasons for her recovery: your love and support. Of the money raised by the Support for Courtney Foundation, 100% goes toward her medical and rehabilitation bills. Donation checks may be made out to “Support for Courtney” and mailed to: (address)

To find volunteer opportunities, get daily updates and make a donation online log on to

Thank you for your support.

-Sean Cooley

Here is a sample logo, similar to the header of the blog. I'm looking to get a scan or a digital copy of Court's senior portrait (can someone e-mail if they do have one?)

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think. We're thinking about you Court.



Marti said...


Your tireless work is so impressive. Your fund raising letter is eloquent and contains just the right amount of information people need. I hope you get a good response! Thanks for posting it on the blog first.

With love,

Marti (Court's Aunt)

Meltron said...

your letter sent chills down my spine/almost made me cry in the library. i can't imagine anyone turning it down! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

The letter is excellent. Ditto to what Marti said!
Thanks so VERY much for the photo of Courtney & Julie. I've printed it out & will put it where I can see it frequently & keep praying. I got to talk to Courtney today, which made me cry....both with sadness & happiness. Amy's flying home on Weds & we'll go down on Saturday for a few days.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Sean, keep up the good work! I'm so glad she has someone like you to make things happen for her. Stay strong!

Stacey Demore
Baird 6

Anonymous said...

Great Job, Sean courtney's Family wishing you the very best of luck. Mike LNA M4ICU

mom said...

Sean, I know my sister has a photo of Court's high school grad pic. Talk to her...
To everyone: Court got her trache out today! It's kind of weird, a hole in her throat for the next few days but it will heal quickly. She had PT,OT,& speech therapy today but was already quite tired through most of it. They had her standing up today for about 5 minutes or so. It was with the help of a machine...she still can't stand on her own but gets stronger every day. Last night she got sick around 12 midnight, good thing I was there or she may have been lying in vomit for some time. Tonight is the last night Spaulding is letting me spend the night with her. Not sure why. I'm so glad I was there last night or Court could have aspirated some vomit. I would think they would appreciate the fact that I was there and saw her do it. Let me know what you think...

Marti said...


I'm so glad the trache removal went well today. I'm sure Courtney is totally happy to get that thing out! I'm not sure why they won't let you stay overnight, but I'm sure she'll be okay. As you know, Spaulding is one of the best rehab. hospitals in the country. Have you had a chance to ask them why you can't stay? Maybe they're looking out for your health as well. You must be exhausted.

Thanks for the update!

Lauren said...

I'm so glad Courtney got the tube out today! She must be happy to have that out. That's very strange that they won't let you stay any longer, but I agree with Marti, you could probably use some sleep yourself Julie, maybe even in a real bed! I'll be by to visit Courtney tomorrow. Can't wait to see her. :)


Anonymous said...

For those who are following this blog:

I stopped in Boston again today (Sunday). Thursday Courtney was mouthing hello and goodbye. Today we had a conversation. She said she didn't remember seeing me in burlington. (No wonder, she was always drugged or asleep.) Doug said she stood up today and Courtney responded sarcastically she was sick of hearing about it (like "big deal"). I said she was doing great and she thanked me. She said they were taking good care of her, etc. We talked about sailing with Doug this summer, and she remembered getting the boat ready. Unbelievable progress.

love and continued healing wishes to Courtney.
Gary Flo

Anonymous said...

Good work, Courtney! You must be so relieved to get the trach tube out! I'll bet you can't wait to eat real food again, but I'm sure it happen gradually.
Amy & I can't wait to see you on Saturday!

I love too, Julie...


Anonymous said...

Everyone is right you need your rest as well. And courtneys needs to work hard and not depend on you.She needs to know she can do this on her own as well. And God knows you need to be reaty.It been a long time here in Burlington,and Boston. Julie,But your feet up and get some rest. Your Freind