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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10/30 Update and Photos (16)

Welcome to Spaulding Rehab

Courtney's expecting a visitor Wednesday, a representative from Crotched Mountain, as well as all the ghouls and ghosts that are sure to be on patrol. We don't expect this evaluation process to be quite as fast as how she got into Spaulding, it will still be a matter of weeks if she is accepted. We'll look to make a good impression, I've already studied up on New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain and motto "Life Free or Die" by looking at the state's quarter and licence plate respectively.

The doctor's learned that Court's carrying a strain of Staph yesterday, a skin bacteria that can cause infection, and to be on the safe side she's moved into her own room. Staph can be risky for patients with weakened immune systems, but the good news is that she merely carrying the bacteria and not suffering any of the symptoms. Dr. Tom, a family friend and doctor in Boston, stopped by for his regular visit and let Marty and myself know that Staph is quite common, many people have it without even knowing, Courtney may have even had it well before going into the hospital.

Thanks to Court's private suite, overnight visits are no longer limited to females, Marty has the esteemed privilege of staying with Miss Blasius tonight. I'm glad that Julie can catch some more nights off, the graveyard shift is a tough gig.

Let's hope everyone catches some Z's. Here are a few pics from the area around Spaulding and from Court's old room.



MOM said...

Sean, nice pics! You sneaky devil.... Court's dinner pics are awesome!( :( ). Marty said she and he had a good night's rest last night! Yeah, that's three in a row!!! Here's to further progress each and every day. Happy Halloween everyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Courtney!!! So glad to hear you are getting some sleep and good luck today with the Crotched Mountain rep! I'm sure you will make a good impression. We're thinking of you back here.

FYI to everyone, after tonights meeting we should have made a final decision on the shirt design to get those underway as well as hopefully solidified a date and time for the concert. This information, as well as most everything else discussed at the meeting, will be posted within the next couple of days. If you want join the mailing list which will allow you to view our full meeting minutes as well as some other important information regarding volunteering either make a post on the blog comments section or e-mail the supportcourtney@gmail website with your info.

Happy Halloween!