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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Photos of Courtney (14)

Courtney's mom Julie e-mailed a few goodies to me yesterday. Here you'll see Court horseback riding, visiting Acadia National Park in Maine and graduating from UVM back in May. I still can't believe she made it to commencement seeing as we were squaring off in Wii Boxing late the night before (for those who haven't played a video game that brings you to sweat, throw things and swear at inanimate objects, it looks a little something like this).

Photos from Julie deAnguera



Marti said...

Wow. Great pics of Court. She's so beautiful!

I hope your day is a good one, Court.

Sean, which one is Courtney in the Wii boxing video? Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

I take care of Courtney on Baird 4. she is beautiful and i pray to god for a speedy recovery. i do see miracles often and hope she has one

Doug/Dad said...

Thank you on Baird 4! So many are helping and have helped from the FA crew. We appreciate you all! Yes, dreams do come true and yes, there are angels!
With love and admiration,
Doug B

Marti said...

Thanks to the nurse on Baird 4 for your message and your prayers. I'm so pleased to know that Court is in such good hands. As you can see Courtney has lots of loving support and is young, strong and determined. We all think she's a miracle!