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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

10/3 Evening Update

Hi Everybody,

Courtney looks really good today, full of smiles and laughs. The cardiologists have signed off on her bill of health, so the doctors are only closely monitoring her respiratory functions. As long as she continues to breath on her own, she'll be safe to be transferred from Intensive Care by Friday, tentatively.

Our chair race has been postponed, Court spent the morning training in a padded chair in her room. She sat down for several hours propped by couple of pillows. We should be able to get her into the Stryker chair in the next two days and possibly go outside to get some fresh air.

Courtney's Thrush looks to have died down, coughing has become more manageable. Yesterday Julie used a small kit the nurses gave her to swab out Court's mouth. She's very fussy about opening her mouth (I'm sure a lot of us have been conditioned not to "open wide" for parents after a childhood of receiving wretched cough medicine), but she eventually came around and then stuck her tongue out for good measure.

Thanks to everybody for stopping by, as always anybody is welcome to come and visit.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Anonymous said...

We are so encouraged by the reports of Courtney's gaining strength, smiling face and sticking her tongue out!! That's always good news!! Ed and I pray that Court continues to make progress and wins first place in the Stryker chair races whenever they happen. She is a winner and always will be. Lots of love to Courtney, Julie and all of the family from the TX cousins.....Sue and Ed

Valerie said...

I know that it's been mentioned, but I just wanted to reiterate the important fact that today (October 3rd) is Marty's birthday!!! He's looking great for 75, isn't he? Happy Birthday Marty! ;)

Secondly, I was able to get up to visit Court today and was amazed at how happy she seemed. The girl just could not seem to stop smiling and laughing silently. As someone who has only been able to visit 3x so far (once each week) I'm amazed each time by how far she has come. When she smiles, it is so clear that the Court we know and love is in there and is communicating the best she can at the moment. She's got the best smile I've ever seen, and I can't believe how much I saw it today. Keep it up Court! And don't forget to work on that response to nosy doctors...
I love you :) val

Melissa said...

I'll be waiting for those chair-race results! Sean, I hope you've been practicing...

I look forward to checking the blog every day - It's been so good to be able stay updated on Courtney's progress, though I wish I were able to come visit! Hopefully soon we can make it out to Burlington. It sounds like she's come such a long way...I'll bet getting some fresh air won't hurt to all, and especially Court!