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Sunday, September 30, 2007

9/30 Afternoon Update

Hi Everybody,

Last night went really well, Courtney watched over me the whole time. I didn't have any seizures, maintained a healthy blood pressure and slept soundly (ditto that for Court). Things were calm up until this morning when she had a bout of nausea and later ran a heart rate around 130 this afternoon. Court has remained relatively drug-free lately, but when she appears to be in pain the nurses use either of two medications: Ativan, an anti-anxiety drug or Fentanyl, a strong narcotic pain reliever.

We're not sure yet when or where Court will be moved in the coming days, she is still scheduled for the cardiac catheter tomorrow and defibrillator implant on Tuesday. Unfortunately, when she is moved upstairs she won't receive the same level attention as the ICU because the patient-to-nurse ratio will be closer to 6:1 than 1:1. As hard as that is to take, Courtney has made so many strides already there's no reason to think she'll stop when she has more time to herself.

God bless her, she sneezed a few times this morning. Courtney's also been stretching her legs and arms vigorously, she has gained a lot of strength. When holding my hand she grips harder and will bring me near her face or neck area. I wish I could take the trache collar off, but the only consolation we have is that she'll be able to move to a smaller tube soon and may eventually have a speaking valve that allows her to talk (if she can). One day I want to have some direct quotes to use here, quotes or a hug, I'll settle for hug from her.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



marti said...

Hi Sean,
Sounds like the barcalounger worked out well. I'm so glad Court had a peaceful night. It's so encouraging to hear about her holding your hand, etc. What a spirit she is! What a spirit YOU are, too. Your strength and positive attitude inspires us all. Get some sleep and keep in touch!


PS Hi Court! I think about you constantly. Keep up your good work! Oh, by the way, you and Sean are invited out to Phoenix when you're up to it. Jeep trip anyone?

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that Courtney is the luckiest girl in the world to have you. I have never met you but you seem to have such a good heart and kind spirit. I wish nothing but the best for you and Courtney.

Sara said...

Courtney, you are in all of our thoughts! You are in our breaths of fresh air and hikes and swims and bike rides and runs and in all of our adventures! Keep working hard. We love you!

Sean, thank you for taking care of our girl. I can't wait to meet you.


MOM said...

Please continue to hold Courtney in your thoughts and prayers today(and every day and night) as she undergoes her heart catheterization. She will need all the positive support we can muster,although she is in good shape to do it or they would delay the proceedure. Thank you everyone and God bless you all for your constant vigilance. Julie

marti said...

Good luck today Court on your heart cath. procedure. I'm sure it will go well. I'll be sending you good strong positive healing energy as I always do.

I'm also thinking about everyone else there. I miss you all very much and I wish I could be there. I feel a bit isolated out here in the West.

Julie, Marty, Doug, Sean: Court is in excellent hands at the hospital. She'll be fine. I love you all.

Nancy C. said...

Go Courtney girl! Show 'em what you are made of! You are a winner with a fabulous backup troupe of cheerleaders and wellwishers! It was nice to be able to simpy hold your hand. It was nice too, to meet your dad for the first time as well as some of your caring friends. I send my love to all of you with all my heart and soul, Nancy.

Martha Conway-Cole said...

Thinking of you Courtney. Rode bikes in Acadia yesterday with the boys. I remember how gorgeous you looked on Sand beach in that bikini!Made me want to go put my shirt back on.Good job keeping active! Can't wait to see you this weekend. We love you.
Martha, Stuart, and James

B. S. Elizabeth said...

Dear Courtney,
Ms. Blasius still seems more appropriate, but in this case, I guess that I can be less formal. After all, you are not in my class at Galen University in the Central Farm area of the Cayo District, BELIZE, but in, of all places, a HOSPITAL! Judging from Sean's comments and other visitors to this site, you are greatly loved and everyone thinks their lives would be greatly enhanced if you were back in their midst. So, come gyal, GET BETTER QUICKLY!
Miss Elida is here and sends, with me, lots of prayers and warm, affectionate wishes for a very speedy recovery!

With affection,
Professor Barbara Susan Balboni
Galen University

Meaghan said...

Hi Courtney and Sean,

I do not know either of you but I was struck when a family friend forwarded an e-mail to my mom today from Courtney's asking about rehab facilities. My brother had a similiar experience exactly one year before Courtney and as I read her story on the blog it seems very similiar to my brother's story. I want you to know that despite the reports from the doctors my brother beat the odds and has come further than anyone ever expected and Courtney can too!!! I do believe that Courtney is feeling the positive energy from her friends and family and is working hard towards her recovery. I know it may seem slow and frustrating at times but her young age and good health are positive factors that will get her through this! Please know that Courtney is in my prayers and I will be sending positive thoughts her way.

If there is anything further I can do to help, please let me know.

Meaghan Milmoe