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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Update

Hi Everybody,

Its been a tough day today.

We've just met with the medical team for a few hours and it's not the happiest news. I'll apologize ahead of time, but I don't feel right sugarcoating things. I think its more appropriate to give everyone a sense of what's going through our heads right now, how we're handling the news. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not sure what to do anymore.

The good: Courtney is not a vegetable or a lost cause by any means (our hope and resolve are still strong).

The bad: Dr. Gorman labeled her brain damage as "severe," its not "mild" or "moderate." They've checked on her since she's been off of the majority of the meds and the sedatives are wearing off. She's got pupil movement and can breath, which means the base part of the brain where our most basic functions are is still in tact. But she's not as responsive as the doctor's would have liked and they aren't sure the extent of the damage.

There is a chance for recovery. The percentages play against us, Dr. Young has referenced thousands of cases similar to Court's which he has worked on and no one has come through something like this. What plays to our advantage is that nationally those few who have recovered from such trauma are Courtney's demographic - young and healthy.

The gameplan has subsequently changed, we are looking at a time table that's at least a month long to see if she can slowly restore her brain functions. The doctors and nurses are making preparations for Courtney to sustain herself in a hospital bed for a longer term, they're trying to protect her from disease, bed sores and muscle atrophy. We'll see her through the whole way.

Pretty distressing news and we've felt a lot pain after hearing the diagnosis. We need hope and prayers now more than ever. I love receiving everyones support and it means the world to us and to Courtney, of the things that I am able to put into words I'm not sure how to describe how overwhelming your support has been. This is a hard road, but we know we're going to get there together, its only a matter of time. Love and patience are the keys, and while I wish we could fast forward through all this and have her home again, in the meantime we'll need to find our own ways to cope.

I hate delivering this news, especially when we were looking for signs of recover. I've debated whether to write anymore. It helps to take things off my mind and we check for your messages all the time. I'm not sure, I'm going to take a short break and try to sort things out. Courtney's parents, Marty, Marti and Martha are all here with her.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Leif said...

Sean please keep writing I know this is hard but those of us that are far away desperately need the news that you bring. I am devastated by the doctor's prognosis but I continue to pray and have hope that if anyone can recover from this, it is Courtney. I know that she will pull through this, and everyone here is praying for her daily.

Hope Springs Eternal,


Colleen said...

Sean, and family,

I'm devastated by this news. I can't imagine how you're feeling right now.
I know Court can do this, she just needs all the love and support we can beam at her, it just might take her a little longer than we hoped. Please keep writing, if you can. I check this blog constantly, it helps me feel a little closer to her even when I can't be, and I think it does the same for a lot of people.
I send my love to everyone there with Courtney too.


Patricia McD said...

We will not give up & neither will Courtney!

Love & blessings to everyone,


Marcia and Derek said...

Thank you Sean for posting today's progress report (and creating this blog), however difficult is was to write and for us to read. These updates really help as we check the blog over and over looking at her pictures and wishing we were there with her. We are glad that the demographics are on her side. We hope for the best and continue to send love and healing her way.

Anonymous said...

Kristin and I have been in shock all day long and are continunally praying for her. Sean please continue to keep us all updated. This is especially helpful so that we know what to pray for. This is devasting news to take, as friends that have gone through school knowing Courtney that something like this can happen to someone so youthful and strong. We are constantly checking in to see updates and this has been tough to hear. I know Court can pull through and we are continuing to pray for her.

Mom said...

I hope no one ever has to go through this hell that has been put on Courtney,Sean and the rest of our family. But most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! As is constantly repeated: if anyone can pull through this, it is Court.
Everyone's comments are the only distraction we have right now. Please continue to send healing thoughts and prayers Courtney's way. It means everything to us.
Bless you all for love and concern.
Bless you Sean. You are the best!!

Anonymous said...

I know i am posting again i was wondering when the times to visit Court are? Does anyone have that information

Debbie said...

There are no words to tell you how sad George and I feel about this news. As you said, Julie, if anyone can win this fight it will be Courtney. My prayers are for all of you -
With much love,

mom said...

Michael, and anyone else: You can come to visit any time. You may have to wait 10-20 minutes but everyone here does their best to allow people into Court's room. Please come anytime.

Anonymous said...

We are very sad to hear the latest news about Courtney and are holding out hope that it is just a matter of time before she comes out of the coma. Our prayers for her and all of you will continue as long as they are needed. Here in California and also in Texas, the prayer network is expanding. Sean, please do keep the messages coming, as we are so far away and Courtney is our precious cousin. All our love, Bill & Janet Nicholls

Melissa said...

To all of you who are with Court right now,

Please know that I am always thinking about you and constantly trying to send healing thoughts to our dear Court. Sean, I know this is a very, very hard time and it is very difficult to write and continue to update in these circumstances, but I hope that you will find the strength to continue keeping us informed because it is so important to me, and everyone - I think to know what is going on and to feel closer to her even though I'm in Maine. So this may take a little longer than we had hoped; but no one is giving up. I think the odds are in her favor. Please, if there is anything I can do, let me know. Love to all.


Anonymous said...


We are sorry to hear the newest update. We are praying for you and your family.

Danielle & Eric

Ashley said...

So sad to hear this latest update -- but like others have commented here already, none of us are giving up hope!
Sean, I appreciate these updates so much and I hope that you can continue them.

Love and prayers to Court and everyone by her side,

Victoria Hardy said...

We are all so sorry to here of latest. We all know drs have to say the worst first though. Sean keep writing. Courtney will want to read everything. Keep the faith. Much Love and Power to you. Vick ps I am Martha's sis.

mom said...

Just to let people know, the electrodes are off Court's head and she is getting a shampoo right now (yeah), She continues to do well with her b/p (without meds). and her heart is doing well. She has managed to overbreathe the ventilator a couple of times, which is a good sign. Whether she can breathe deep enough remains to be seen. Tomorrow she will have a trache. tube inserted into her throat and the ventilator will be pulled out of her mouth, another good sign. Then she will have a feeding tube inserted into her stomach at the same time. She is running a fever right now (101) and they are not sure why,perhaps the pneumonia, perhaps something else. She is tolerating all meds well so far.
Tomorrow is a new day and with it comes new prayers so please keep them coming! Thank you all, so much.

Valerie said...

To Court's family and Sean, like everyone else all that I can offer is this: we are all right there with you. Every minute, wherever we physically are, we are with you in spirit. Your courage, determination and love are an inspiration to everyone, and we will be with you every single step of the way. Courtney will fight her way through this, and so will we. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time...all things are possible.
My love to Court and everyone at her side,

shane said...


Abraham said...

My heart and my tenderest thoughts are with all of you, especially Courtney. I hold her in my thoughts all the time, and I feel blessed to have met all of you wonderful, strong people this last weekend when I came up with Val. I had only met Courtney once before--I think it was at a contra dance in Maine--but I could not be more personally committed to her recovery. Let this be proof of the universal love and devotion that everyone, yes EVERYONE, feels who has ever met this wonderful girl. We are all with you.

Is there an physical address to which we can send cards, flowers, or anything else? That would be lovely.

I look at this site and think about Courtney incessantly, and shall do so until she is healthy again. My deepest love and blessings are with you.


Helen said...

I would say that Courtney is the closest I've ever had to a sister. I share some of my earliest memories with her. I have always felt that Court was a part of my family and I was part of hers. I can honestly say that I have never felt emotions as stong as I do now. All I can do is pray. If there is anything that would be helpful, please let us know and it will be done.
Love you all,