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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Morning Update

Hi Everybody,

Giving the "horns." From Lauren Klonsky

Newsflash: Courtney does not like being pinched. Why is that significant? Because she's responding to pain today, she's got some very basic motion and Dr. Gorman has noted she's made progress since yesterday. I nearly jumped out of shoes early this morning because I was bedside holding her hand when her neck, mouth and chest began moving around. The nurse jumped in a second or two later to calm me down (by this time, I think I could have used some anti-seizure meds). It turns out she was just coughing, about the quietest cough I'll ever hear. For the moment she's got a tube down her throat to suck out saliva and buildup, so she's unable to making that "hacking" noise that's practically a second language for Burlington residents in cold season.

Thus far Courtney is beating my ass in thumb wrestling matches, 4-3. I'll admit my pride's a little hurt, but I'll get over it. When you push on her thumbs she really pushes back, she'll twitch her arms (I think she's flexing, there are two tickets to the gun show available if anyone needs them) and will curl her toes if you rub her feet, just like the Babinski reflex that infants experience. These are just baby steps, Julie says her daughter has been a late bloomer, so we know Court's getting stronger day-to-day.

As it turns out I mugged the wrong Suburu Outback with Maine plates and UVM stuff strewn about that was parked over at University Terrace yesterday. Sorry to whoever the owner is, let me know if need your CD's back. Not a bad collection though, right now Court is listening to Jack Johnson, I figured we'll start softly and work our way up to guitar solos and synthesizers. If any visitors want to bring some albums by, its an open jukebox (I had just told Liz and Meg over Mexican food how I hate the word "jukebox," so of course it filters into my writing).

At about 2 p.m. Court is scheduled for her tracheostomy, this will allow us to see her pretty face again, no more tape and tubes. She's looking much better, her hair's been washed and she isn't puffy at all. I will be back later in the evening to let you know how she's feeling and how everyone's doing. Many of Courtney's close friends have been in touch with us asking about visiting rules and whatnot. Thus far we have not, nor will we ever turn anyone away.

By the same token we need to be respectful of the medical staff's guidelines. To give visitors a general idea: 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. are when the nurses shift so those times are closed door to us, she has cleanings a few times a day and the doctors need some time alone with her on occasion. So if we can agree to be patient, it may be 10 minutes or it may be an hour in the waiting room, we would love for you to come (perhaps in smaller groups of two or three and any notice you can give ahead of time would be helpful).

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Anonymous said...

This is totally awesome, yeah Court, lets keep praying strong for a fast recovery

Lauren Klonsky said...

Hey. Thanks for the update Sean. I just wanted to give some notice that I'm planning on coming to Burlington sometime tomorrow evening and I would love to come visit Courtney . I'll hopefully be hagning around town until Sunday, and I don't want to cause any extra stress for Courtney's wonderful family and friends, so please let me know when it would be best to vist her if at all. Thanks.

- Lauren Klonsky

Marcia and Derek said...

Such great news! May she continue to beat you in thumb wrestling. Derek and I are planning to come up on Friday and leave Sunday. We, of course, want to see her as much as possible. Whatever is best for Courtney, et al, works for us. Thank you Sean for keeping us posted, we look forward to meeting you.
Go Courtney!

ngoodale said...

hey Sean,I've never met you but i am so glad courtney has you. Post a picture of yourself. I was running this morning and I got a message in my head that Courtney will be fine. She will have a miraculous recovery. I thanked god for that message and I belive it will be true. lily goodale Belfast Maine

Anonymous said...

7 p.m.: I pray. Time for bed: I pray. Wake in the night: I pray. Up in the morning: I pray. A quiet moment at work: I pray. Time to feed the horse: I pray. 7 p.m.: I pray. To all those reading this now: Let us pray.
Keep going, Courtney.
Thanks for keeping us connected, Sean.
Love, Phyllis D.

Stu said...

Sean thanks for all the thought and effort to keep all of us who love Courtney up to date on her condition. Uncle Bruce and I are very excited that she is beating you at "thumb wrestling".
We are praying constantly for her recovery.
Love and hugs too Julie, Marty, Marti, Martha, and I forgetting someone....oh yaeh DOUG. Give yourself a big hug too!

Janis Carusone said...

Hey Sean.. You are awesome for keeping all of us, who would otherwise be in the dark, in the light!
We are with you in SPIRIT and LOVE.. connected by moments throughout the day of prayers and THANKSGIVING for wonders that we will never understand but BELIEVE in!! Courtney is in good, gentle, loving hands...and patience is the way back ...
Love and Hugs to Julie and Marty (you too Sean)you have not been out of our thoughts for more than a moment!!!
Stay strong, take care of yourselves! Courtney need you healthy too!!!
We Love YOU!!!!
Joe and Jan (Warsky)Carusone

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update! I was a wreck after hearing the doctor's less than enthusiastic prognosis Tuesday, as a result of which I became furiously restless.
I now have a very clean room and I cooked more food tuesday and wednesday than I eat in a week (cooking is a great way to vent!). I was well on my way to converting every apple on my parent's property into applesauce yesterday when I got the fabulous news of your thumb wrestling defeat! The apples and my mother's kitchen have been granted a reprieve!
Court, lets keep these baby steps going. I know you're a sloth, but don't you think you could pick the pace up for us just this once?
Sean, your comment about drinking whiskey like milk reminds me of an incident at Helen's house where Court and the boys had a milk chugging contest- which was not pretty. No one should ever have to see anyone trying to chug a gallon of milk. But that's our Court, and we love her for it!
Love to everyone with her right now.