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Thursday, September 27, 2007

9/27 Evening Update

Hi Everybody,

Courtney's made several attempts to climb out of bed, flopping one leg out at a time, I swear she's going to break for the door any day now. She'll be moving up to the fifth floor in McClure in a few days (I believe its the presidential suite), so we'll have to say a heartfelt goodbye to nurses in the Intensive Care Unit. Her folks met with the social worker and case manager this morning to talk about next steps like rehab, when Courtney may be able to be moved in a few months. One place that has stood out early on has been
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, we're not sure about the insurance coverage and the money involved at this point.

Tonight we're keeping our spirits up with pizza and beer, saying goodbye for now to Aunt Marti who's flying back to Arizona tomorrow to teach 6th graders about owl pellets and hang out with Eric Byrnes. She says she'll have to check the blog for updates while she's away (I know that's where I get most of my information from). I want to thank everyone for their complements on maintaining this space, but to be honest when you have such rich subject matter; a pretty young girl making miracles happen and a crew of family and friends that pour in their love by the day. I'm happy to have met you all, whether in person or through cards, e-mail and comments and you've helped Courtney make it to where she is now.

A couple of links I'd like to share, one that gives me hope and one that makes me laugh:

Here's the incredible story of Jill Finley, a 32-year-old heart attack victim who then fell into a coma, putting her husband the hardest position of his life.

Woman wakes up from coma
Woman wakes up from coma

The Red Sox did a little rookie hazing the other week, I hope nobody stops reading because I'm a boston fan, but even Yankees fans will get a laugh out of this.

Rookies play dress-up
Rookies play dress-up

Feel free to post any links or info you've found.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...


I so appreciate the time you've put into the blog--I just want to ditto all the other nice things people have said about you and it was great meeting you last night.


Seeing your beaming smile last night just lit up my world. Thank you for shining your light as we all know you are so good at doing!