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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Evening Update

Hi Everybody,

At the Union Fair

Things are looking up this evening. Courtney has been off of the sedatives for a few hours and is taking steps toward awakening. While the doctors have taken her off the Pentobarbital, it is likely to stay in her system for while - anywhere from 22 to 50 hours for the average adult. We're keeping our fingers crossed for her not to sieze, she is now heading down to the basement for some CAT scans (unfortunately her stuffed cat Mow Mow and new friend Honey were unable to make the trip).

Given this timeframe, we are looking to late Monday or Tuesday for some movement from Courtney. Thanks to everyone for sending your thoughts and prayers, the pictures have really warmed up her family, keep up the positive thinking.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Dave said...


I stopped by today and hung out with you and your family. It does seem like only a week ago you were in the shop. I do miss you and I hope to see you again soon, but hopefully outside of the hospital (aka I get really confused in there).

Mel & RJ said...

Thank you for the updates, Sean.

I do pray that Courtney will be doing well in no time, and I pray God gives you all strength and peace during this time...

(in the Messenger's newsroom)
: )

dale brown said...

Sean and Courtney's family
Prayers are being sent to Courtney and you all. Thanks for the update, we were all concerned as to how everything was going.
Take care and we are thinking of Courtney, and you all, it does sound like many people are there to help