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Saturday, September 22, 2007

9/22 Morning and Photos (Pt. 8)

Hi Everybody,

We met with Dr. Mravkov, a member of our neurology team at Fletcher Allen and he gave us a positive assesment of Courtney's progress, although he kept to the same generalisms and cautious optimism that rest of the doctors have employed. She was resting much of the morning, but suffered through some seizures last night and this morning. Its defeating, like hitting a wall, when one of these seizures hits and the doctors are trying to find the right medications and dosage to stop them.

We're keeping our faith and hopefully Court will be ready to entertain some guests later today, it sounds like there's a good crew lined up to visit.
We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.


From Tom Groblewski

From Tom Groblewski

From Conway-Cole

From Conway-Cole

From Conway-Cole

From Jesse Ram


Anonymous said...

Do they know what happened yet to cause all of this? I only ask to know if there is a way to prevent it from happenig again..I pray for Courtney and all that love her to find a way through this - stay srong...

Dad/ Doug said...

Yes, there is a way to give her a secure future. We met with Dr Lobbel on Friday, he is one of her cardiologists. There are still quetions though. Once she is in therapy we shall make the appropiate decisions. It is clear that her heart can make a full recovery.

The heart is so complex. She has had 2 complete cardio exams in the past, the last being in 2005. She does have a condition that was non life threatening. This is all being examined.

Thank you for your caring.

Please keep you loving thoughts, photo's, and prayers coming.

With love and gratitude,

Doug Blasius

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'am a good friend of Jan Boyle of South Londonderry VT and I would just like to pass along my prayers and thoughts to all of you. I think about all of you daily and glad to read things are looking up and pray they cont. My blessing Wendy Armstrong

Mom said...

thank you sooo much for your well wishes. It means so much to us and I pass all comments onto Courtney. Any friend of Jan's is a dear friend to me. Again thanks.Julie