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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Late Tuesday Night Update and Photos (Part 4)

Hi everybody,

A scene from Belize thanks to Kali Brgant for the photo

You’ve filled up my e-mail inbox and filled me with strength. I’m happy to write again for you all thanks to the supportive messages. We’re all trying our best to maintain some sense of normalcy since this morning. I’ve had a chance to clear my head, put up a few more pictures and think about a story or two to share.

As Julie mentioned, Court will have a tracheostomy (yes I did have to spell check that one, twice) tomorrow, this means having a small incision in her throat to get a breathing tube directly into her lungs. She needs this because she is unable to cough or clear her throat on her own and we don’t want her to catch pneumonia. This is by no means permanent, although it will leave a cool scar.

There are a number of other difficulties Courtney will face in the days ahead, but we know she can do this. Plus, now she’ll have some tunes to listen to along the way, I managed to pillage her Subaru of CDs and will bring in a portable stereo since we’ve go the green light from the nurses. Shiny Toy Guns… check. Chili Peppers… check. Nightwish… double-check. These bands are a taste of Courtney has a distinguished musical palate, a blend of rock, hip-hop, pop and most of all metal.

Courtney is actually a member of an elite underground group in Burlington call the Maidens of Metal. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Maidens terrorize metal shows and dive bars, drink whiskey like milk and have set the high score on Photo Hunt games across the nation. I am proud to be dating an official Maiden of Metal, I have witnessed many a headbanging session and been given “the horns” on more than one occasion.

On the Saturday before last, if you were lucky enough to catch Courtney downtown, you would have seen a blonde bombshell circa 1980: hair off to the side in a scrunchie, a shredded Motley Crue tank top, jean skirt and lipstick. It was Eighties Night at Club Metronome in Burlington and Courtney, Melonie, Amber and Ann opted to play dress up (you will almost never catch Court in lipstick, she doesn’t need it of course, so it was funny to see her in costume).

I, on the other hand hate Eighties music, aside from Sir Mix-a-Lot or Michael Jackson, I wince at the opening notes from “Pour Some Sugar on Me” or anything by Journey. But when a girl texts you at midnight telling you she’s in a Motley Crue tank top and ready to dance, you come, even if you have to wait in line for twenty minutes and pound a few drinks to catch up, you’ve got to come.

The club is usually kept at a brisk 110 degrees, so by the end of the night we all looked like we had emerged from the lake, drenched in sweat but still sporting smiles. That was also perhaps the first night ever that we didn’t hit Kountry Kart Deli after a night downtown. We could probably compile a novel devoted to Courtney’s passion for late night eats and the Rise-n-Shiner (a sub with eggs, bacon, hash browns and cheese that she will put down before you even open a ketchup packet), so maybe that’s another story for another post.

The latest pictures you’ve sent in are beautiful. I can tell everyone has been scouring photo albums and libraries to help out. Keep your pictures and uplifting e-mails coming. I’ll keep everybody posted tomorrow with the latest news as we hope and pray everyday.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.


From Kali Brgant

From Kali Brgant

From Bill and Lynn Case

From Bill and Lynn Case

From Amy Lees

From Gregg Cooley (Court and I in front of my apartment, my parents met Courtney for the first time about two weeks ago at Burlington's Art Hop and they loved her, so of course my dad had to pose us for the same photo three times)

From Arden Wallace

From Arden Wallace

From Arden Wallace

From Elizabeth Haag


Christopher said...

Those pictures are a wonderful reminder of your incredible spirit Courtney. And while I'm stunned this could happen to someone so vibrant, I know we'll be heading back to North Beach, biking downtown, or trouble-making at a Lake Monster's game again soon. I'm thinking of you often, and also of everyone in Burlington who is by your side.


Doug/DAD said...

Thank you Sean. Court has shown us some minor movement in the night, she continues to amaze us.
Everybody, Please keep praying and sending your love. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Julie, our prayers continue for Courtney, you, your family and Sean. Hard to believe that our girls are now grown and gone their ways. We are remembering the days when Courtney, Helen and Arden were together. Arden hadn't seen or talked to Courtney for quite some time, but was able to talk to on her birthday and she's very glad that she had that chance. May God heal her in His perfect timing. Our church family is praying for her also.


Patricia McD said...

Thanks, Sean for more photos.....nice to see you in one, also. It's easier to pray & meditate for you knowing what you look like. You are all on my mind
constantly. I'm looking forward to seeing you next week.

Uncle Bruce and Stu said...

Uncle Bruce, Stu, and Hogan are praying and thinking of all the amazing love and support that Courtney has to help create the positive energy to stimulate her recovery. Although the road may seem somewhat uncertain it is the love and support for such a wonderful daughter and friend (and niece!) that will get Courtney on her feet again.

PS....Sean you stink at guitar hero!!! just stink! I love you

Seren said...

You who are there by Courtney's bedside have a tough and blessed job. Courtney's Music is a wonderful idea to keep you all positive and sure in the resolve that Courtney will recover. Thinking of you all often and sending love and healing thoughts,