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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Afternoon Update

Hi everybody,

Court in Penobscot Bay in July On "SURPRISE"

We're pushing through the weekend, eating lots of good food, watching DVD's and Stu and I have been battling at Guitar Hero. Courtney has been active brain-wise today, as the doctors have lowered the sedatives she has responded with activity. Her brain activity was actually a bit much, so for now they've put her back under full sedation. The plan is to wait it out until Monday, when the doctors will lower the sedatives to wake her up and we pray she doesn't go into seizures.

I see we've already received a few comments and the site hasn't even been up a day yet, thank you. To everyone who wishes they could be by Courtney's side: she looks very peaceful, almost like a deep sleep. She's breathing through a respirator, although she is not reliant on it (they are really just babying her to be on the cautious side). She's warm to the touch, and in the few instances where she's not fully sedated you can catch her with her eyes open and a twitch here and there.

I'm still tinkering with the blog a bit, you should be able to post comments without starting a google account now, for anyone who wants me to put up a picture, email me Her dad sent me the black and white picture with today's post.

Given the circumstances, Courtney has a very strong support group around her, she is lucky to have so many people show their concern and love for her. Keep it coming. We're praying for Courtney to come back to us everyday, staying strong, staying positive.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Lauren said...


Unfortunately, you don't know me, because I haven't had the chance to meet you yet, although Courtney has told me about you. I just wanted to say thank you for setting this blog up. I'm in Massachusetts, so it's nice to be updated on how she is doing when I can't see her myself, so thank you very much. I hope you're doing okay. Give Courtney and her family my best. Thank you.


Susan McDonald said...

You don't know us, either....we are Amy Lees' Aunt Susan and Grandma Liz.

We have been praying for two days for Courtney's health, both physical and mental, and visualizing her surrounded with God's Love and Peace.

Courtney obviously could not have a finer boyfriend! And her friends are great, too.

We shall continue praying for her full recovery.

Susan and Liz McDonald

Martha Conway-Cole said...

We are thinking of you. Mom is bringing you a card we made. We love you.
Stuart and James Cole

Doug Blasius said...

Court had a good night Saturday.
She is still sedated. They are starting to slowly lower the med. this am. True to her form, she is slowly overcoming this.
We are so grateful for everybody's support.

Sean, thanks for the food, and more importantly, thanks for being here.

Stu, thank you for coming.

Helen, Lief, Erin, Colleen, and Melissa, thank you for coming. Val and Abraham, Thank you.

Josh and Cricket, thank you for being here.

Megan,Liz, Erin, and Nick, thank you for giving so, your hospitality and giving is beyond measure.

Melody, Amber and Cryus, Thank you
for being here for her and us.

And those of you I havn't named,
thank you too.

sarah conway said...

Dear Courtney,
You are in our thoughts...we are pulling for you. Our love to all your family and friends.
Sarah and Carle Conway

lynnette said...

The Moores from Belfast, Maine are saying prayers for Courtney everyday. We are here for you.

Love, Kirk,Lynnette, Brennan and Mackenzie