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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night Update

Hi Everybody,

She continues to amaze us folks and tonight the 12 o' clock show is totally different from the 6 o' clock show. Court's now bringing up a lot of fluid from her lungs, coughing it up and nearly spitting it out. You can tell its difficult on her, her heart rate jumps substatially and she cringes when it comes time to cough, but those are small beans compared to the obstacles she's overcome. Her swallowing is few decibels louder and she makes a cute face, scrunching her nose when she yawns.

Next post will come tomorrow morning before I leave to shoot my first wedding (I think I'll bring a memento of her for good luck). Good night.



Anonymous said...

God Bless you are quite a guy.
Since Kricket told me about the blog you are doing I have been checking in a couple of times a day for your wonderful - even sometimes heart-wrenching -submissions. You are doing a fantastic job!
Hope the wedding went off perfectly! After seeing some of your work posted I can imagine the photos will be super!
We (all) appreciate you keeping us a little closer to Courtney's light.. thank you!
I am not surprisd she is reacting to the prayer miricles everyone is asking for... She is in gentle, loving hands.. and
She is surrounded with pure love!
Human and Heavenly!
Much Love to Julie and Marty - stay healthy..take care of yourselves! and EAT GOOD FOOD!
Love to you too Sean...maybe some day we'll meet......
One Baby step at a time... patience Court..we'll all be right here loving you - for as long as it takes!
Jan and Joe Carusone

Anonymous said...

A quick critter update:
"The boys are back in town." Rod and Linda brought the horses up this afternoon. Tao ran into the pasture; Traveller snorted and pranced his way in. A little high speed running around, a quick nose touch with Spot, some kicking up of heels, and then settling down to serious grazing. Also had a nice visit with the cats while Patricia gathered things. Lots of chin scratching and purring. We all send love to you all.
Phyllis D.

mom said...

To my dearest friends back home in Maine...For all your concern and taking care of the daily routine of the "rest of my family",making it possible to be here with Courtney: THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME. THANK YOU.
And, thank you to everyone else for your constant vigil over my baby girl. I mean my beautiful young lady! Bless you all.