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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Evening Update

Hi Everyone,

I just left the room of a smiling Courtney Blasius, she must have heard me describing some of my dorky videos from high school to Julie and Marty(I sure am glad there's no jerk blogging about me, putting up indecent photos and smarmy commentary). Court was breathing on her own for over an hour this afternoon when they turn the respirator down. The medical team had the machine turned back up to prepare for a minor surgery.

The surgeons at Fletcher Allen were able to insert two catheters called PICCs that will run from Courtney's arms to inside her heart. The PICCs serve as a direct channel for nurses to dispense medication. The process is safer from infection and can be used for longer periods of time.

I was able to make a few tweaks to the blog, we were overdue for a nice banner across the top. The next update may come tomorrow evening after I'm out of work. If there's any news in the meantime I'll be sure to post.



Anonymous said...

the power of prayer is amazing and very helpful for friends and family. I am a friend of Caleb and I know the vibes and energy we have sent up to Boston from the town hall lawn in Wellfleet has helped him get through his tough times. A common area where Courtney's friends could gather and express their feelings,cry,laugh,tell stories,hold hands and pray in their own way can only help in her recovery. I will think of her and send some good vibes her way

Anonymous said...

One more pair of hands set in motion to pray for Courtney, her family and her friends. I learned about Courtney's journey through Caleb's website.

Elizabeth said...

Hell yeah she smiled!!! We're pumped! Court, take all the time you need...but we're all rooting for you out here. All our love ~ Liz, Chris, Lauren, and Emtull.

ngoodale said...

I am thinking of you daily Courtney. Keep up the great work both of you . Sean The blog and updates are fantastic. I know you must be stretched thin with work ,keeping us updated and all you are doing for Courtney. Take care of yourself!!! I am praying and seeingyou daily Courtnry. Sat Nam , Lily Goodale, Maine

Anonymous said...

For Courtney-
healing thoughts and prayers sent on a whoosh of salty air from Cape Cod...

cathy trueman said...

More thoughts and prayers coming from the Trueman/Jean clan. Courtney has had the best role model for being strong. Julie is amazing and the apple did not fall far from the tree!!

Love and thoughts,

Cathy Trueman

Anonymous said...

Sending love and support from Orleans, MA in Cape Cod- you are in our thoughts- Get better- get strong-
we pray for Caleb and you as well-
be well

Anonymous said...

Courtney seems to be a free spirit, as well as a strong, beautiful young woman.. I found this site through my dear friend Caleb Potter's blog.

Soon there will be a # of people praying, and supporting you all.. I pray she will heal, and that family & friends are taking care of themselves & one another.
Peace & Light.. Clance

Mom said...

to anyone and everyone who has responded to this blog as well as Caleb's blog: Your prayers and healing thoughts are such a source of power and strength to Courtney and her family and friends. She is an amazing,wonderful girl who everything to live for. With friends and support such as this blog.we have every reason to know that she can and will pull through this. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. You will be in my eternal prayers forever.