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Monday, September 24, 2007

9/24 Afternoon Update

Hi Everybody,

Courtney's keeping very active today, she's moving her legs back and forth, stiffening her wrists and she's been able to touch her right hand to her cheek. It's been a big relief to see her in motion, especially after a scary night that saw her running a fever and a heart rate around 140 (normally kept between 80-100). We were very worried about her, they replaced her breathing tube and put her on the respirator temporarily. Court's temperature and levels returned to normal this morning and her goal is to keep breathing on her own until Midnight.

We'll continue to watch over Court and her platoon of stuffed animals, Mow Mow, Honey, Pecos and the three bears. Between the bears and the bag of porridge she's eating (Ultrapak, actually), it's like coming to visit Goldilocks. We're still trying to get the bed "just right."

I'll be back later tonight with some more photos.

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Lauren said...

WoW!!! I can't believe she's moving her arms and legs!!! That's great news! Go Courtney!

Anonymous said...

Sean, Thanks for the update this afternoon. I have come to rely on your information and get really nervous when nothing new is reported. Whooppeee for Courtney!!!! We are so proud and continue to pray for progress every day!

Lots of love to all of you, Sue and Ed Lancaster
(the Texas part of the family!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie - I am Caleb Potter's mother and good friend of Flo's. I am just a jump ahead of you on this rocky road and I would love to speak to you if possible - I can be reached by My heart goes out to you and I hold you dearly in my thoughts. Best, Sharyn

Julie/mom said...

To Sharyn, Caleb's Mom:
I would love to talk to you as well, I'm on the hospital computer and not able to bring up my email as well but when I get back to the wonderful house that has been given to us through these more than trying times, I'll fire up my computer and we'll get in touch. Thanks so much for letting me know you got my comment! Bless you and Caleb and all his support team.