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Saturday, September 29, 2007

9/29 Evening Update

Hi Everybody,

Photo from Julie

Courtney is doing really well tonight, she's calm and keeping a steady heart rate. Hopefully that remains the status quo as I'm staying with her overnight for the first time. I forgot to pack my pajamas, but I'm sure there'll be enough truth or dare and gossip about cute boys to make for a primo slumber party. This will be a good chance to give Court's folks a break, Doug is gearing up for the Leaf Peepers Half-marathon in Waterbury tomorrow and Julie and Marty have a friend up from Maine for the night.

I hope everyone rests well tonight, I know I'm going to try my best in the ICU barcalounger (which bares an eerie resemblance to Dr. Xavier's X-Men chair).

We Love you Courtney and we can't wait to have you back safe and sound.



Marti said...

Go Sean! Have a good night with Court. I'm sure she'll love having you there. I'm back here in Phoenix wishing I was there with Court, etc.
I again want to thank every one of Court's friends and Sean for their amazing support. I miss the house, the dinners, the friendships, the waiting room antics, the Fall air, Church St., the lake but most of all I miss seeing Courtney. I'll never forget the times she smiled. Even in her current state that smile lights up the room. I hope everyone is doing well. Keep in touch. I miss you all. I hope I can come back soon.


Marti (Court's aunt)

Marti said...

Hi Court,
I think about you constantly. I'm glad you're progressing so well. I miss seeing you, but I'll call frequently. Everyone here in Az. is continuing to pray for you and we're all sending you the most positive, loving, healing thoughts. Your incredible spirit and love of life will bring you through this. I have no doubt. I love you.

Aunt Marti

Patricia McD said...

That's one of the classic photos of Courtney & Amy!
I just heard from Amy & she will be flying home to see Courtney around October 16th......
We are still both praying & sending our love.

Megan RN said...

Just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck with the transfer tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you. Be sure to post what room Courtney's going to be in so we can all stop up and visit!


Jose said...

Lets all hope that courtney gets better her aunt Ms.deanguera is my teacher at PCDS she is a very good teacher letsjust all pray that courtney gets better because it sounds that she is a great girl she said if it wasnt for her boyfriend she would have died.I realy do hope that courtney gets better like this never happened.